Javascript Essentials: Neil Smyth

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Title: Javascript Essentials

Authors: Neil Smyth

Why This Book?

Neil Smyth is a co-founder and CEO of Payload Media, an internet and eBook publishing company based in the United States of America. He also has a number of positions in the IT industry, for example, programming, system administration, web development and the author of technology-related books like the JavaScript Essentials.

This book helps readers by providing the important JavaScript so that each person who owns a website can use this scripting language quickly and effectively without having to extra things on the capabilities of JavaScript. Some information may not be actually needed by the web designer and therefore it focuses more on what the average web designer should know.

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Readers are guided carefully using easy steps on how to develop powerful web pages using JavaScript. It is evident that JavaScript Essentials by Neil Smyth offers you everything you need to know about using JavaScript from the language basics through to the advanced topics in each chapter.

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