Java Application Development on Linux

Java Application Development on Linux

Title: Java Application Development on Linux

Authors:  Carl Albing and Michael Schwarz


Why this book?

Linux is considered one of the fastest growing java development platforms and this is because it serves as a platform for both development and deployments. Linux helps to save both time and money for the users.

Java Application Development on Linux is a book to guide readers to the full Java application development lifecycle on Linux. Albing and Schwarz have clearly shown that the platform, tools and application development by explaining realistic and easy to follow examples.

These authors were highly determined to ensure that other developers do not have to try and error and this saves them time. The introduction is on basic tools and the program later leads the reader through business-logic object analysis, database design, Java servlet Uls, Java Server Pages (JSP) Uls, Swing GUIs and finally the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) GUIs.

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This book is very important as it helps readers learn on how to develop business logic layers using the Java Database connectivity and so much more.

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