Introduction to Programming in Java: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Introduction to programming in Java an interdisciplinary approach pdf

Title: Introduction to Programming in Java: An Interdisciplinary approach

Authors: Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne

Why This Book?

In today’s world, programming skills have become quite crucial for all students even those studying computer science. Introduction to programming in Java is a book that takes the interdisciplinary approach to teach students about programming with the Java programming language.

This book written by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne supplies students with the tools required to learn to programme and to become conversant with one of the most used languages.

Students interested in this field build a foundation of computer science concepts and programming skills, which they can use later in life. Introduction to programming in Java emphasizes more about programming and problem solving but not Java.

Some Other Good Java Books:

How To Be A Programmer From Scratch

Data Structures and Algorithms in Java

“Introduction to programming in Java” go into details to cover the field and are classic for traditional introductory programming courses. Lecturers may also use it as a supplement or the main text for other courses that conform programming to science, engineering or even mathematics.

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