Introduction to MIPS Assembly Language Programming

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Title: Introduction to MIPS Assembly Language Programming

Author: Charles Kann

License: CC 4.0 ShareAlike

Why This Book?

Introduction to MIPS Assembly Language Programming is written to introduce readers to assembly language programming in MIPS. It attempts to show higher level language and all computer organizational structure to assist readers in writing codes to create and support a program.

It covers the basic operators and instructions, loading and storing memory, program control, subprogram calling and the changing of the assembly language into a machine code. The main goal of reading this book is to understand the use of abstraction and make the workings of the computer machine clear.

Without having a clear understanding of a computer as a machine, readers and other programmers will have significant gaps in what they are trying to achieve.

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Learning assembly language helps you manipulate the computer hardware directly that a program is run on. Unlike High-level learning, learning assembly language does not rely on the ability to abstract behavior but instead, it gives the ability to specify how the hardware is to work.

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