Introduction to Interactive Programming In Java

Title: Introduction to Interactive Programming In Java

Author: Dr. Lynn Andrea Stein

License: N/A

Book Description:

Interactive Programming is an introduction to computer programming intended for students in standard Computer Science courses (or interested professionals) with no prior programming experience. It shifts the foundation on which the teachings of Computer Science is based.

It treats computation as interaction rather than calculation, thus providing students with a solid grounding in the thought that underlies modern software practice. Students still learn the basic and necessary elements of computer programming and the Java language.

It teaches problem decomposition, program design, construction, and evaluation, beginning with the following premises: A program is a community of interacting entities. Its “pieces” are these implicitly or explicitly concurrent entities: user interfaces, databases, network services, etc. A program is evaluated by its adherence to a set of invariants, constraints, and service guarantees — timely response, no memory leaks, etc.

The first introductory computer science textbook to rethink the traditional curriculum in light of the current interaction-based computer revolution.

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