The Introduction to Objective Caml by Jason Hickey

introduction to objective caml pdf download

Title: Introduction to Objective Caml

Author: Jaso Hickey

License: N/A


The Introduction to Objective Caml by Jason Hickey book is a draft edition of a book that will someday be published by the Cambridge University Press according to the title page of the book. This book is a guide introduction to Meta-Language programming specifically for Objective Caml programming language.

The book provides a good understanding of how people can solve day-to-day problems in data processing, numerical computation, systems scripting, and database-driven web applications with the objective Caml multi-paradigm programming language.

This book provides the reader with knowledge that they can use to take advantage of the functional, imperative, and object-orientated programming styles of the Objective Caml and it also gives formulas for real-world tasks.

The notes also provide quick and easy Objective Caml basics that instruct the reader on how to set up a development equipment and proceed towards more advanced topics in the subject including the module system, foreign-function interface, macro language, and the OCaml build system.

This book is great because in it you will find material to help you practice for that job at big technology-based companies.

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