Internal Combustion Engines by R K Rajput


Title: Internal Combustion Engines

Author: R K Raput

Why This Book?

Internal combustion engine is one of the core subjects of mechanical engineering and in fourth year of engineering, the subject comes under thermal engineering professional elective.

It is a broad subject and as we all know that the popularity of IC engines is nowhere to go for the next 10-20 years. From small power need to large power need, there is an internal combustion engine for everything and its dominant in every walks of life.

It implies that internal combustion engine has a future and this subject must be taken seriously if you wan to go ahead with thermal engineering.

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Internal combustion engineering by R K Rajput is one of the most popular books for undergraduate mechanical engineering students, which clears fundamentals of IC engine using lucid language and use of perfect real life examples.

Alternative to this book is Internal Combustion Engine by M L Mathur. Buy the book online here.