GATE Virtual Calculator: How To Use It Effectively?

gate virtual calculator

You are seeing the above image, right? This is what GATE Virtual Calculator looks like.

It has every essential functions you’ll need to solve the GATE questions. With time, calculator for GATE being virtual is very confusing for many aspirants.

You are not allowed to bring physical calculator to the examination hall, so you’ll have to practice the virtual calculator in advance to avoid any confusion in the examination hall.

You can practice GATE Virtual Calculator directly on GATE official website here

For heavy practice, there is a very good android app on Play Store, check it out. 

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Another good thing you can do to master GATE Virtual Calculator is to know some calculation tricks. Here is an eBook by Made Easy and Mondal Sir, which will definitely help you to speed up your calculation in GATE.

You can get the Excellent use GATE Virtual Calculator PDF here.

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