How to Learn CSS Fast: 6 Best Tutorials (Learn in 1 Day)

how to learn css fast

If you’re looking for the answer to how to learn CSS fast and free, you are at the right place.

It’s 2023 and If you want to up-skill a bit this year, then learning CSS is something you would like to master rather than hack away at.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and the good thing about this web language is you can build some pretty things using CSS alone.

But before moving on to how to learn CSS, let’s look into the prerequisites.

What are the Prerequisites for Learning CSS?

CSS is something you apply to something called HTML. HTML is used to make the basic structure of a website and then CSS is applied to give that structure desired format, colour, and style and the list is long.

Taking an example, HTML is a car without paint, then you use CSS to give colour, design, pattern and more.

Another example is below, a meme can be educational too.

No need to learn complete HTML in order to learn CSS; just learn. basic HTML and you’re good to start learning CSS

If you know basic HTML, all good. If you want some good resources to get started with HTML, here are some of the best free online courses to learn HTML:

  1. HTML Tutorial – Tutorials Point
  2. W3 Schools – HTML Tutorial
  3. HTML and CSS for Beginners + Certificate (Free on Udemy)
  4. Basic to Advanced CSS Tutorial by Java T Point
  5. Learn CSS from Scratch (Free on Udemy)
  6. Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 (Udemy)

How to Learn CSS Fast – The 2023 Way

Time is money, so how to learn CSS should not be the main question, instead how to learn CSS fast, practically and effectively.

CSS is probably the easiest thing to learn because you can test it live in the browser and can’t really get it wrong. Your site won’t crash if the styles aren’t correct.

I’d say just hunt around for things you like the look of, inspect the elements in your browser and copy the styles into your own site.

There is some stuff like IDs vs classes and getting specific with selectors that can take some time to get used to but all of that will become clear as you start to implement your own styles.

For me, the best way to learn CSS is by doing practice. And you can learn CSS from basic to advance from these websites for free of cost

1. W3 Schools – Learn Basic to Advanced CSS

The world’s largest web developer website is popular for many reasons. With excellent user experience and step-by-step topics, the presentation makes W3 Schools a soothing learning platform.

You can learn complete CSS for free of cost here. You can use an inbuilt online editor and hundreds of examples to practice the code and check the result, all in one place.

No matter, whether you’re a beginner or intermediate in CSS, there is something for everyone here.

Optional: If you wish to get certified in CSS, you can complete the CSS course and pay $95 to get your CSS course completion certificate.

Link to W3 Schools

2. Tutorials Point – Learn Complete CSS for Free

The second most popular website to learn CSS on the list, tutorials point is the name almost every web developer knows.

With design and front end like the first one, tutorials point teaches you to complete CSS and lets you practice CSS using an inbuilt online CSS editor ‘coding ground’.

how to learn css free

One of the best things about Tutorials Point is you can download the complete CSS tutorial in PDF version by paying a nominal fee of $9.99. Thanks to the effective use of web technology.

Link to Tutorials Point

3. CSS Basics by edX

Brought by the Microsoft team and experts from World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), this is one of the best CSS fundamentals courses on the internet to learn CSS fast and free. This CSS course is a part of the front-end web development certificate course but there is an option to enrol only for the CSS part. The best part is the course is completely free, you only pay $99 when you opt for a certificate after completing the course to highlight your knowledge and skills.

Here’s what you will learn in this CSS course:

  • Step-by-step fundamentals of CSS
  • Concept of CSS selectors and a basic selection of CSS properties
  • Best CSS  practices in the web designing and development industry
  • How to design your website for your audience

You can start learning CSS anytime, for complete information on this course, syllabus and enrollment.

Link For The Course

4. Basic to Advanced CSS Tutorial by Java T Point

Don’t get confused with the name, Java T Point is one stop destination for many aspiring web designers and developers. The website teaches you almost every web language you’ll ever need. The CSS tutorial by Java T Point is for both beginners and professionals; it covers CSS fundamentals, properties, design and advanced CSS. how to learn css tutorial 

Here is some additional information on this CSS course:-  Easy to navigate topics and a very user-friendly interface. Also, you can use an inbuilt live CSS code editor like W3 School.- CSS interview questions at the end of the tutorial, important for interviews and revision- No need to sign up, start learning anywhere, anytime

Link for The Course

5. Learn CSS from Scratch (Free on Udemy)

Udemy, where you can find an online course for anything, literally. That’s how big it is. While most of the courses on Udemy are paid but there are many generous teachers who offer their courses for free. ‘Learn HTML, CSS, Javascript and Typescript from scratch’ is one of those free courses with an enrollment of 31,000+ students. As the complete course covers four languages, you can skip the remaining three if you want to learn CSS only. 

 Here’s what you’ll here learn inside the CSS part: Introduction to CSS- Inline, internal and external CSS- Selectors and various types of designing techniques- Menu designing from scratch

Link for The Course

6. Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 (Udemy)

Link for The course

Bonus – Free Code Camp