How to Learn Computer Science by Myself Online in 2023

How to Learn Computer Science by Myself

In order to make a good computer science project students have to go through various resources to make their project a good inclusive whole.

There are numerous resources available online for computer science students through which they acquired basics, polish them, and apply them in their works. Not only websites but many apps and other useful tools support learning and help to give a concrete shape to your ideas. How to Learn Computer Science by Myself

Computer science projects help resources serve a lot to the learners by providing a good amount of materials, giving guidance to work properly while other tools help in performing small but important tasks to make your project more organized as well as presentable.

How to Learn Computer Science by Myself: 6 Resources

Websites: As helping resources

Below are some websites which act as project help resources, and navigate your learning process and provide relevant learning and hand-on exercise materials on computer science and other related areas:

Cheatsheets is a source that provides reference guides on hundreds of programs and computer topics at your fingertips. This website will definitely save your time by illustrating the most useful commands, terms, shortcuts, and other tricks. In order to provide full-fledged support to your learning here, you can also download PDFs or files on any topic related to the program, system, or computer language you want to learn. This is a rich source of reference that helps you shape your ideas into reality.


W3schools is a one-stop destination for learning web development and other trendy technology. It shares extensive study tools and tutorials for web designing and program languages such as JAVA, HTML, CSS, AJAX, and dozens of other languages along with certification. Its tutorials are simple and easy to understand as it provides examples to clarify every concept in a better way. This is another website that offers a lot of materials on web development and programming.

● Khan Academy

Khan academy is a non-profitable website with a mission to provide free quality education to everyone. Though it covers almost all subject matters such as math, arts, economics, history, etc. even plenty of material like hand on practice exercises, educational videos, and more programming information available on this website for computer science students. It also offers numerous courses that cover topics like Fibonacci functions, Python programming, and binary numbers. This site helps you to get expertise in programming as well as in creative skills.

● MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a website where all MIT course content is available virtually free of cost. With more than 2,400 courses, OCW provides support to learning by open sharing of quality knowledge. It offers you one of the largest collections of text related to Computer Science and Programming from some of the leading minds to help you excel in this domain. It’s a platform where students find additional resources to help them succeed by using content to tackle difficult challenges.

● GitHub

This website is considered as a genie for computer science students as it has the potential to solve problems of learners by hosting thousands of projects, open-source codes, and examples. This is something that students interested in programming and web designing must-have because it acts as a helpful resource for completing their own project by looking at professional examples of codes. It is a safe and stable platform for the collaboration of professional programmers and young learners to work together and learn from each other by solving different problems.

Question-Answer Forums: As helping resources

Below are some websites-cum-forum which act as project help resources by answering all the questions and providing suggestions to computer science students on numerous topics:

● Quora

Quora is a famous website-cum-forum that is known for its precise, compact, and effective answers in all subject areas. Here all technical and non-technical questions are created, answered, edited by community members who have good knowledge, and want to share to help others with genuine heart. This is a platform that not only answers your queries but also shows the direction to locate more help related to any topic. It is proven one of the most helpful resources in computer science too, learners discuss their problems here for seeking the right solutions.

● Stack Overflow

This is a question Answer site where people answer questions of enthusiastic programmers. Here you find a large community of geeks who are good at coding and willing to share their knowledge at free of cost. This forum answers thousands of questions on a wide range of topics such as programming, software, math, lifestyle, and so on. If you have any problem related to any topic, then Stack Overflow is the right place to look for an answer and it will answer your problems personally or publicly whichever way you prefer. It is also helpful in finding suitable jobs.

● Geeks for geeks

One of the most famous websites among Computer Science students, especially for those who are more inclined toward data structure and software development. It provides well thought and well-explained solutions for selected questions. This website offers many other features such as CSE subject theories, company wise coding practice, challenging algorithms, puzzle section, interview prep, etc. On this website you can ask literally any kind of questions related to coding and theories and you’ll get hundreds of answers to your problem from very knowledgeable people right here.

● Reddit

Reddit is a web content rating, and discussion website where community members posted content related to every topic which is voted by other members to check the relevance. The most relevant and well-explained answer is posted on the top so you don’t have to scroll much for the best answer. This is another site that serves as a forum to answer all your queries related to all subject matters. Here all the areas are divided into different heads and called subreddits. It also seems to be a useful resource in the computer science domain, people who have expertise in this field share their knowledge and answer all the questions in order to help others.

Apps and Softwares: As helping resources

Here are some Applications and Softwares which act as project help resources by providing different features like calculation, organization, presentation, storage, recovering of data, etc. which are needed for computer science projects.

● CalCu

This app can replace the calculator in your device and offer you more effective functions than your regular one. This calculator seems to be an efficient tool for computer programming and research purposes, here you can solve your regular as well as scientific calculations easily. This app is free for Android users.

● Keynote

This application helps you to make your project more presentable by offering a toolset that helps you to insert multimedia images, creates you own charts and builds creative slides, add speculative transitions and animations, record audio clips to create dynamic visual presentations. Here files can be saved in PowerPoint formats.

● Save Every Information

This is not a very famous app among Android users but a useful one for storage. Here you can save all your important information like details of your bank account or social media account, notes, web pages, video, etc. This is one of the must-have application to secure and organize your data. This app is only available for Android users.

● Dr. Fone for iOS

Dr. Fone is the world’s first data recovery software for iOS devices. No matter what and how you lost, every piece of data will be recovered whether it’s your contact, message, files, videos, audios, images, etc. by using the leading the data recovery technology of dr. Fone. This software not only recovers data from iOS devices but also recovers data backup from iTunes and iCloud. It is fully compatible with all models of iPhone, iPod, and iPad. 716286-301658594.1585716286&_gac=1.195781912.1585716489.EAIaIQobChMInuiyuLXG6AI VwRErCh2uAAkMEAAYASAAEgI60_D_BwE

● Tasker

Tasker is designed for computer students to truly customize your phone and let it work the way you want. Here you manually trigger your actions once via launcher shortcuts, quick setting tiles, widgets, long-pressing volume buttons, media button, Navigation Bar, Notifications, and more and since then it works according to your wish. Basically this app makes your phone work automatically on your tailored terms and conditions.

MOOC platforms: As helping resources

Even MOOC platforms have an important role to play as a helping resource. They offer various different computer courses along with certifications, where online knowledge and practical
understanding are imparted to students from the best universities in the world. And students have to reflect on their knowledge and understanding through their final projects. Following are some famous MOOCs:

● Coursera

A platform brings learning opportunities at your footsteps. It offers numerous online computer science and programming courses from the world’s best universities to provide quality education to large masses. Some well-known courses available at Coursera are: An introduction to interactive programming in Python (Part 1), Using Databases with Python, Machine Learning, Introduction to Game Development, and many more.

● Edx

This MOOC platform is founded by Harvard University and MIT to offer courses from various universities. Currently more than 150 Computer courses are available for learners to upgrade their knowledge of Python, algorithm, JavaScript, and so on. Some of the most famous courses available are at Edx are CS50’s Introduction and Game Development, CS50’s Web Programming with Python and JavaScript, Computer Science 101, Algorithms: Design and Analysis Part 1, etc.

● Udacity

This MOOC platform is founded by Stanford technologists, which provides online nano degree courses. It offers free and paid courses where it covers a wide range of Computer Science courses which teach students how to program in Python, how to build their own search engines, and how to create digital social networks. Advanced Operating System and Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, are some most enrolled courses of Udacity.–ud1110

There is a long list of MOOC platforms that offer similar features but different courses for learners in all subject areas, especially in computer science. All the MOOC courses initially provide knowledge related to all concepts and at the end of the course demand for the practical final project where students have displayed their knowledge and understanding which they have acquired during the courses.

Hope you found your answer to ‘How to Learn Computer Science by Myself by now. ‘At this point available different resources such as websites, question-answer forums, applications, software, and other tools, all are needed for the learners to complete their final projects by turning their imagination into reality.