How to Become a UX Designer: A Complete Guide

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“A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense.” — Bruno Munari, Design as Art

And designing is what makes the UX Design career the best. But how to become a UX Designer? Well, let’s first see what is it exactly.

What is a UXD (User Experience Design) ?

Well, do you know what do we do before making stories, presentations, seminars etc?

We keep in mind the audience. The main objective of our content would always be how is our audience, their style, the level of their interaction and their previous knowledge.

We keep all of this techniques, stages in mind to meet the needs of our audience, to constantly gain their trust and have a great audience experience.

Similarly, UXD which means User Experience Design is a process of designing products with its use in mind. This process don’t just include its use in mind but durability, efficiency, pleasure, quality, brand and packaging etc.

In short UX Design is the process that think about all the aspects to have the happy, satisfying experience of user even before the products are being used by them.

How to become a UX Designer?

I have always had this belief that nobody is a better learner than an experience learner. If you think your certifications in UX would make you a better designer than for sure it’s not true.

Every good teacher comes from being a home tutor. And every boring teacher comes from struggling hard to get as many degrees, certifications that they can. They would not want to have an experience while learning because what if they score less ?

To become a great, experienced, and skilled User Experience Designer you must learn. For your reference you can read blogs, have books, attend sessions, do an open course and have somebody you can go to who is skilled in UX Design.

Moreover, constantly make use of whatever you learned through these sources. The more you put your knowledge in use the more experience you get. Experience is the greatest tool in getting amazing results.

Here’s how you can become a UX Designer Step by Step:

Step 1. Learn the basics of UX

If you love books, start by reading books. One of the best UX Design book to get started is Lean UX by Jean Gothelf.

There are ample resources available online to get the basic idea of user experience design. So, it is better to get enrolled in an online course, free or paid, depend upon your financial position. I would recommend a free course, the link to which you’ll find at the bottom of this page.

2. Do the Work –

The most important part of learning anything is practical knowledge. Do a lot of practice regularly, it not only improve your UX skill but help you to master new techniques.

Start wire framing with blasamiq or Mock-up Designer. Learn new tools such as OmniGraffle, InDesign, FluiUI, Sketch and Azure.

3. Find Your Strengths –

User Experience Designing is broad. It’s important to find your strength in this field and specialize. Work hard to be an expert, specialization make you stand out in the industry

4. Grow Your Knowledge:

To be a good designer, you need to be a good learner. UX Designing is highly dynamic field and it is important to learn new skills and adapt new techniques to sustain.

  1. You can start your own business or project.
  2. You freelance in this field. Try Upwork, where you can find clients.
  3. Be an active member of online UX community.
  4. Share your knowledge and work. Help an aspiring UX designer.
  5. Learn new software and tools. And learn to code.

5. Build a Portfolio –

A good UX portfolio is important to showcase your work and it is an evidence of relevant skills and interests. Make an offline/online portfolio and display your best work there, it helps you find your potential employer and clients.

How to Become a UX Designer Infographic
Courtesy of: Kyle J Larson

What is the scope of UX Designer ?

UX designers are winning the world today. The art of designing never stops. They bring the needs of users into existence from pleasure of holding the product to its use, flexibility, durability, packaging etc.

User experience designing considers a user in the centre before developing a digital product. It includes the planning of interaction and usability of product with a user.

However, the demand of the designer depends upon the experience and knowledge a user designer has. That’s where your salary is decided.

UX Designer Salary:

In general, companies pay a senior designer an attractive salary than a junior designer. Depending upon your skills, your knowledge and experience you are paid for your work, like any other industry.

The average base pay of UX Designer in United Sates is $85,277 as per Glassdoor, which is moderately high and confident. Again, the pay might increase or decrease depending on how fast you adapt the new techniques and demand.

UX Design Online Resources:

1. 101 Design Methods : One of the best books to learn User Experience Desgin, in necessary bibliography of Washington.

2. The Elements of User Experience – Jesse James Garrett: Jesse published this book nearly 10 years ago and have included recent methods to learn better.

3. Project guide to UXD 

4. Udemy : Udemy is an amazing learning website where you can do certification in UX Design in discounted price. They run offers every month and give huge discounts.

5. Kent State University: Kent State is the only online masters in UX Design. You can take your career to higher level through their prestigious program. 

6. YouTube: Youtube is one of the most used app in today’s time. You will get number of videos, recommendations of courses, sessions, live videos regarding UX Design which will improve your experience overall.

There’s no product without a designer and there’s no good product without a good designer. Learn throughout your life to gain as much experience you can to bring it out in the world.

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