How to become a ServiceNow Developer?

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Being the most popular ITSM (Information Technology Software Management) tool in the IT market, ServiceNow automation made business processes easier than ever. With its growing popularity, you may have questions like how to become a ServiceNow developer, what is the career path of a ServiceNow developer?

Things make ServiceNow popular is, good user interface and the ease of use. There is considerable demand in the market for ServiceNow developers who knows ServiceNow development best practises. 

With an average annual salary of $115,211 (according to ZipRecruiter), ServiceNow developer is one of the highest paid careers in the IT field. Surprisingly there is not enough competition in this domain, so it is the right time to know the  and get started as a ServiceNow Developer.

Before moving further, a few words on why we need ITSM software like ServiceNow or Sales Force.

We are living in a generation where automation is becoming dominant and everybody loves automation because it saves two important resources – time and money.

Why do you think new technologies take over the previous technologies?  It is because they have the ability to seek the attention of users who couldn’t get much from previous technologies.

Imagine if there was no such tool as tracking your order details, you wouldn’t ever come to know when probably your orders will arrive and who you should contact to have an update about the same. 

Now these things are becoming easier due to automation and workflow. One of the main function of these tools is to create a highly efficient workflow. 

Lots of plus points but for now let’s look into “how to become ServiceNow Developer”.

Keeping primary question in mind, here I am discussing these points:

What is ServiceNow?

Founded in 2004 by Fred Luddy, ServiceNow is a cloud computing computing company headquartered in Santa Clara, California. It uses machine learning to automate the process and workflows, helping companies become faster and more scalable.

This ServiceNow developer tools also helps the customer stay updated with the process. These tools are created keeping in mind the requirements of the customers. Every customer has a different need and wants services as per their convenience. There comes Servicenow, the tool that can have anything in it. That is how broad it is.

Servicenow developer has become the new demand for every company.  They use the tool give better services to the customers and users.

Today, many big companies are using ServiceNow to automate their business which helps them by managing the process, employees work, users, documents, etc. 

Here’s a practical example for your instances.

E.g. when you place an order from an online company through an application you are given a link through emails and text messages from which you can track your order from dispatch till delivery. This also helps the company track the updates provided by the delivery services and their employees.

What is ServiceNow developer?

Servicenow developer is a person who develops or designs the tool for the company. They assure the requirements and needs of the customers while designing the tool. They do the job of keeping in mind what is being required by the users and the company’s satisfaction.

We often give feedback that if this application had these services it would be great. So whatever changes that we see in the application while placing orders are the changes done by ServiceNow developers as per our and company’s requirements.

We are the people who make them bring suggestions into reality and let the company manage their workflow.

What are the duties performed by the ServiceNow developer?

  • Servicenow developer does the job of core system configuration.
  • He gathers and documents the user process requirements.
  • Also documents functional requirements, and developing technical requirements.
  • The ServiceNow developer works with the company and members of the company to put their needs and requirements into the ServiceNow tool.
  • He assures the processes to be updated continuously as per the requirements of the company and the customers.
  • He might test the ServiceNow tool designed for the particular company and review it from the user’s point of view.

Skills required to become a ServiceNow developer?

  1. JavaScript:

JavaScript is used for HTML and web. It is a programming language. ServiceNow developers use JavaScript for coding languages. Don’t worry; it is not that hard to learn. 

There are tutorials available online that you can go through and learn JavaScript. JavaScript is what ServiceNow totally lives for. You must learn this skill to become a ServiceNow developer.

However, Functional programming, Asynchronous programming, writing cross-browser code, and efficient memory management are the skills that you should know as well while learning JavaScript.

  1. ITIL:

ITIL is a set of practices in case of IT service management. ServiceNow is again IT service management. ITIL is a set of practices that describes process and workflow of organizations. It delivers value and maintains competency.

These five stages of ITIL that includes:

  • Service strategy: It teaches about how service strategies are being developed.
  • Service design: Teaches how to design and manage IT service management
  • Service transition: It teaches about how to make changes and manage in a productive manner.
  • Service operation: It teaches about how to run the work smoothly and effectively.
  • Continual service improvement: It teaches about making continues improvement in the IT services.

There are ITIL foundation books and certification online courses that you can do to learn ITIL. Click here to check it out.

ServiceNow Developer Portal

Reading all these information is of no use until you start practicing. All you have to do is to visit ServiceNow Developer Portal and sign up where you can learn, build, discuss and deploy.

Next, you can request instance free of charge. Instance is your copy of ServiceNow in the cloud.

Based on your current application development skills and experience, you can choose a learning plan and course free of cost. These courses and learning resources are very helpful for absolute beginner to working ServiceNow professionals. 

Online Courses & books that help you learn ServiceNow development?

– The Complete ServiceNow Developer Course (Udemy) – One of the best online course to get started if you want to take a step further, from ‘how to become ServiceNow Developer’ to ‘I have started learning ServiceNow Development’. And thanks to Udemy for making it affordable, it won’t cost more than $10.

Course Screenshot

Take me to the course.

Mastering ServiceNow by Martin wood which is available on Amazon at 60% discount. You will learn in-depth about ServiceNow through this book.

 Mastering ServiceNow Scripting: Leverage JavaScript APIs to perform client-side and server-side scripting on ServiceNow instances Paperback by Andrew Kindred. The book is available on Amazon.

What are the career paths of ServiceNow Developer?

  1. Functional consultant:

A functional consult is a person who is concerned with the design and functionalities of the ServiceNow tool. Functional consultants earn
$80,032 annually as per Glassdoor.

However, it ranges from $60,000 to $11k as per the experiences and position of a Functional consultant.

  1. Technical Consultant:

A technical Consultant is a person who is concerned with the technical requirements of the ServiceNow tool. They earn an average salary of $89,449 annually.

  1. Developer:

A developer is a person who develops the ServiceNow tool as per the requirements put forth by the company, customers and the team. They earn an average salary of $108,622 yearly.

  1. Project manager:

A project manager is a person who manages the ServiceNow tool for the company. They earn an average salary of $111,691.

  1. Business Analyst:

Business Analyst is a person who consults customers and other members about the ServiceNow tool and what are their requirements. They earn an average salary of $103,826.

  1. Administrator:

The administrator is a person who manages, maintains and develops the ServiceNow tool on a daily basis for the better output. They earn an average salary of $111,807.

Source: Washington Frank

ServiceNow Certifications

ServiceNow developer website gives you an opportunity to practice and learn ServiceNow. They let you learn through free courses that they offer along with the certification.

If you aren’t aware of all the courses you may also go for basics by building your first application through the ServiceNow website.

Moreover, ServiceNow developers offer three certifications.

  • Certified System Administrator
  • Certified Application developer
  • Certified implementation specialist

These certifications need to be renewed every two years. ServiceNow developers come up with new certification courses. Keep yourself updated about the same while you are learning their courses.

What is the scope of a ServiceNow developer?

ServiceNow developer is a tool that is a new demand for every company. If you and I start a company or an organization, we will require a ServiceNow developer who can manage the processes, documents and employee updates.

ServiceNow developer has a great career path and pays a great salary of $108,622 to their developers. However, the salary depends on the skills and experiences of individuals.

You may make a great future if you become a ServiceNow developer. It has a great scope in the market. Moreover, ServiceNow developers itself provide students courses for free and certificates as well which can be used for future works.

ServiceNow Official Youtube Channel

One of the most important resources for aspiring and working ServiceNow developer. It covers excellent information and tutorials on ServiceNow Development, GitHub and ServiceNow, JavaScript and ServiceNow and Mobile developer fundamentals.