How to Become a Programmer: Everything You Need To Know

How to Become a Programmer: Everything You Need To Know 1

Title: How to Become a Programmer: Everything (Non-Technical) You Need to Know to Start Making Money Writing Code

Author: Rob Walling

License: GPU

Why this book?

Are you a programming aspirant? Then, there is something you need right now and the thing is this amazing book by Rob Walling.

A good programming knowledge doesn’t always pay but knowing how to apply that knowledge and put them practically in an efficient way never disappoints.

This book introduces you the basic questions most of the programming aspirant have in their mind and the author answered all questions intelligently using his 16 years of programming experience.

Some of the most important questions include:

Why should I become a programmer?

What are some reasons not to be a programmer?

Where do I start?

How much money can I make? 

And many questions like this…

How to get this book in PDF?

All you have to do is to visit the author’s website using the below link and move your pointer down. You’ll find something like this in the screenshot below. Click “download it here” to get the book in pdf.

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