Hadoop and Kerberos: The Madness Beyond the Gate

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Title: Hadoop and Kerberos: The Madness Beyond the Gate

Author: Steve Laughran

License Detail: Apache License 2.0

Book Description:

Just as the infamous Necronomicon is a collection of notes scrawled in blood as a warning to others, this book is

  • Incomplete.
  • Based on experience and superstition, rather than understanding and insight.
  • Contains information that will drive the reader insane.

Reading this book implies recognition of these facts and that the reader, their estate, and their heirs accept all risk and liability. The author is not responsible if anything happens to their Apache Hadoop cluster, including all the data stored in HDFS disappearing into an unknown dimension, or the YARN scheduler starting to summon pre-human deities. You have been warned.

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