GANCUBE – Speed Cubing to Develop Problem Solving Skills


Founded in 2014, GANCUBE is the world’s leading speedcubing brand. It was founded by Mr. Jiang Ganyuan who was the first NR holder of Speed Cubing in China. GANCUBE outmatches every other speed-cubing brand in terms of innovation, diversity, and usability. The company is well-known for its innovative designs which include smart cubes, magnetic cubes, twisty puzzles, and light-weighted cubes. They also specialize in the research, development, manufacture, marketing, and promotion of speedcubes.

GANCUBE presents a wide range of products that vary according to the needs of the player. From cube robots to speed cube accessories- they cover everything. They also hold many patents and speedcubing techniques along with different flagship products. The firm constantly works on innovating products that are smart and help players master speedcubing intelligently. For such efforts, GAN is also regarded as the “Apple Inc.” among cube companies. 

Below is a list of products that GANCUBE sells and is revered for.

GANCUBE Products


  1. GAN356 i2
  2. GAN356 iplay 2
  3. GAN356 icarry
  4. GAN356 i3


  1. GAN 13(NEW!)
  2. GAN 12
  3. GAN11 M PRO
  4. GAN11 DUO
  5. GAN356 XS
  6. GAN356 X
  7. GAN356 M
  8. GAN354 M
  9. GAN356 Air M
  10. GAN460 M
  11. GAN251 M
  12. GAN Pyraminx
  13. GAN Skewb M
  14. GAN251 M pro
  15. GAN MiniMPro

Lite Cubes

  1. GAN11 M PRO
  2. GAN11 Air
  3. GAN356 Air S
  4. GAN356 Air M

GAN Customize

  1. GAN X Infinity
  2. GAN Mosaic

GAN Aliens

  1. GAN Pyraminx
  2. GAN Megaminx
  3. GAN Skewb
  4. GAN Magic Snake
  5. GAN Mirror

Cubing Sets

  1. GAN Robot Set
  2. GAN All-Magnets package
  3. GAN Magnet Gift Box
  4. GAN Mosaic
  5. All-Magnets package
  6. GAN Intelligent Combo
  7. GAN UV Gift Box
  8. GAN Aliens Mega Pack
  9. GAN Magnet Gift Box
  10. GAN Mini Gift Box
  11. GAN Blue Box
  12. GAN Mirror M Gift Box


  1. Smart Robot
  2. GAN330
  3. GAN Smart Timer
  4. GAN Stand
  5. GAN Easter Egg
  6. GAN display stand
  7. GAN PowerPod
  8. GAN330 X ShanHeSheJiTu
  9. GAN Mat
  10. GAN T & Cap
  11. Magic-Three Package
  12. GAN Musette Bag
  13. GAN Backpack
  14. GAN Shirt
  15. GAN Lube

Limited Edition

  1. Flora Blue
  2. Love Pink
  3. Ever Green
  4. Crystal blue
  5. Vita Cube
  6. Antique Rhyme
  7. GAN Kun
  8. Summer Limited
  9. GAN330 X ShanHeSheJiTu
  10. Cheering
  11. GAN12 Maglev 2022

Team GAN Gurus

Team GAN Gurus is a team that includes legends from the world of cubing- 2013 and 2015 World Champion Feliks Zemdegs, 2017 Paris World Champion Max Park, 2019 Sydney World Champion Philipp Weyer, and numerous other cube masters.

GAN Sponsorships

GAN is dedicated to promoting the global influence of speed cube sports and is dedicated to increasing speed cube popularity across the world has sponsored several tournaments including China’s 10th Anniversary Championship 2017, Paris World Rubik’s Cube Championship 2017, the 2018 Red Bull world championship, and other major competitions.


1. Does GANCUBE offer free delivery on its products?

GANCUBE offers free delivery on all orders above $80.

2. Can I track my GANCUBE order online?

Yes, GANCUBE orders can be tracked once they are shipped (which usually takes around 1 to 5 days). You can track your order at

3. Can the delivery address be changed after placing the order?

The delivery address can be changed within 24 hours of placing the order. To change your delivery address contact GANCUBE on their Facebook page or send an email to via your registered email that was used to place the order.