Fundamentals of Python Programming

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Book Title: Fundamentals of Python Programming

Author: Richard L. Halterman

File Type: PDF/Online

License Details: N/A.

Book Description:

This book is a treat to beginners who want to start a career in Python Programming. It teaches the fundamentals and concepts from basic. It has all the essentials of the language Python. It provides a solid foundation for a beginner programmer so that he can easily progress to the intermediate state of Python Programming. Students or coding enthusiasts who are willing to learn Python in an easy and crisp way can go through this book. “Fundamental of python programming” begins with explaining is Python is, what all software or open source will we need to run our Python codes?

Variables, operators, data types, list, tuples, working with strings, decision statements, handling errors and exceptions, loops, accepting user inputs and displaying output, functions, file handling and many more basic concepts are covered with exercises at the end of chapters.

Once the basic parts end, it starts with the intermediate level where it explains how Python is used to create interactions between user and computer, data manipulation, developing the first python software, object-oriented programming, regular expressions, controlling parameters from the command line prompt, processing comma separated file. Halterman’s book is a must-read for those programmers who want to be good in Python.

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