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TDIL (Technology Development of Indian Languages) is a program launched by Department of Information Technology (DIT),Government of INDIA with an objective to develop information processing tools. 

It include free software tools, fonts and other resources in 22 scheduled local languages like  Assamese, Bangla, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu etc. 

These tools can be used in Presentation preparation, Word Processing, Spread Sheets preparation, Web Page Designing, Messaging etc. in local languages. 

All software CDs are distributed free of cost to the citizens of India with the help of CDAC-Pune and a web based Indian Language Data Centre (ILDC).


Taking example of Hindi language CD.

  1. Hindi Language True Type Fonts With Keyboard Drivers
  2. Hindi Language Unicode Open Type Fonts
  3. Hindi OCR (Optical Character Reader)
  4. Dictionary Hindi-English
  5. Content Management System for Hindi
  6. Hindi Morphological Analyzer and Generator
  7. English Version of Open Office, Browser and Multiprotocol Messenger. 

Available Languages:

Assamese           Bangla              Bodo                Dogri  

Gujarati            Hindi               Kannada             Kashmiri

Konkani            Maithili           Manipuri          Malayalam   

Marathi            Nepali                Oriya                   Punjabi

Sanskrit             Santhali             Sindhi               Tamil

Telugu             Urdu

For complete information about this initiative by government of India, download the PDF here.

How to Order Free CDs ?

  • Visit ILDC page Here
  • Choose the language (for which you want CD  to order)
  • Sign Up and fill complete address and phone number)
  • Click Confirm Order
  • Selected language CD will be delivered to you free of cost via speed post.
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NOTE :- You can order more than one CD in a single order after signup. Be a responsible citizen and don’t misuse the free resource.

Other free software and tools from “Technology Development of Indian Languages” :

  1. Localised version of Bharateeya Open Office Suite in 22 Official Indian Languages. Get here
  2. INSCRIPT Keyboard Layout in different languages – It makes easy to type in different Indian languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali, etc. Get here
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