Foundations of Computer Science: C Edition

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Title:   Foundations of Computer Science: C Edition

Author: Alfred V. Aho and Jeff D. Ullman

License: N/A

Book Description:

Foundations of Computer Science covers subjects that are often found split between a discrete mathematics course and a course in data structures. The intention of the book is to provide the mathematical foundations with an eye toward what the computer user really needs, rather than what a mathematician might need. The book integrates effectively the mathematical foundations with the computing. Such a course in computer science should become as standard as similar courses in calculus and physics.


Students taking courses based on this book have ranged from first-year undergraduates to graduate students. We assume only that students have had a solid course in programming. They should be familiar with the programming language ANSI C to use this edition. In particular, we expect students to be comfortable with C constructs such as recursive functions, structures, pointers, and operators involving pointers and structures such as dot, ->, and &.

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