8 High Paying Forensic Science Careers in 2023

8 High Paying Forensic Science Careers8 High Paying Forensic Science Careers

Forensic science is the process of collecting evidence from the crime scene. The evidence may be collected personally at the crime scene or in the laboratory through the information collected. Forensic science careers are the most demanded and highest-paying careers. That’s why most individuals choose to opt for a degree in forensic science careers.

The investigation and evidence are based on physical, biological and chemical analyses. They examine the physical evidence during the ongoing investigation. Their job responsibilities include being unbiased, logical and true to people. The scope of forensic science is wide. One with a degree in forensic science can have their own forensic lab and offices.

The career path in forensic science is really vast. It pays the highest salaries and because of the unlimited crimes happening in the world, there is so much opportunity in this field of forensic science.

8 Best Forensic Science Careers – Career Path

1. Forensic Science Technician

A forensic science technician helps police in finding evidence. They either do the work in the laboratory or in a legal setting. They collect evidence for the court and for the police. Their work of responsibility also includes finding the criminal guilty of the crime scene. They are generally expertise in DNA analyses, handwriting analyses,
and biochemistry, fingerprinting and chromatography analyses.

These skills of forensic science technicians work in the courtroom for the evidence. They may work for officers, the federal government, crime labs or law enforcement agencies. The forensic science technicians are expected to safeguard the evidence they collect from the crime scene. They recreate the crime scene to analyze the evidence. They make use of the laboratory to classify substances connected to the victim or the guilty.

Educational Requirements –

  • Forensic science technicians require a bachelor’s degree
  • Experience in the field is the key to becoming a better forensic science technician.

Salary insights:
 The average salary of a forensic science technician is $49,490/per yr
 However, the highest-paid salary is $65,000/yr

2. Bloodstain pattern analyst:

Bloodstain pattern analysts are the people who collect physical evidence from the crime scene. They collect bloodstain evidence, analyze footsteps, weapons used, and the number of wounds on the victim’s body.

They need to be intelligent while collecting such evidence at the crime scene. Bloodstain pattern analysts analyze all the evidence and study it thoroughly. Through all the collected evidence, they make reports for the court and the police. They photograph evidence, write them down, pack it in packets and safeguard them. Sometimes they use special lights to track evidence not seen at the crime scene.

Their work or responsibilities include analyzing the direction of travel of victims and suspects. They also track the use of a weapon during the crime scene. This evidence may help investigators and officers in determining what kind of crime scene was it. The evidence determines whether there was a death scene or a suicide scene.

Educational requirement:

  • Bachelor’s degree in biology or chemistry is necessary.
  • Certification and an advanced degree in the field are optional.
  • However, an optional degree may make your career reach better.

Salary insights:

  • The salary of bloodstain pattern analysts ranges from $34,600 to $97,200. (Every source shows differently. There’s no exact evidence for the salary of Bloodstain pattern analysts)
  • The median salary of bloodstain pattern analysts is $58,230.

3. Forensic Ballistic Expert:

A forensic ballistic expert collects evidence related to a firearm or ballistic. These experts determine every single thing from the crime scene. They are called upon for determining distance evidence related to firearms.

They examine the ammunition to determine which firearm was used during the crime scene. They examine the marks found at the crime scene. Ballistic experts are expertise in a ballistic fingerprint that determines marks found at the crime scene. Forensic ballistic experts may work in the laboratory. However, they are generally called to the crime scene to collect evidence and analyze them.

The entire test conducted by ballistic experts is being used by officers and judges in the courtroom.

Educational requirement:

  • A bachelor’s degree is the requirement to become a forensic ballistic expert.
  • You may opt for an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering or chemistry and biology.

Salary insights:

  • The average paid salary is $50,413/yr
  • However, federal agencies pay the highest salary of $61,493/yr

4. Forensic DNA Analysts:

Forensic DNA analysts help law enforcement officers in determining the victim or perpetrator. DNA is determined through an individual’s hair, blood, tissue, and bodily fluids. By providing any of these samples.

Forensic DNA analysts do the DNA test. Later on, they provide the results to law enforcement officers or in the courtroom. Their work is usually critical in crime scene investigation. The results are depended on the DNA analyzed by forensic DNA analysts. The clear results may be helpful to the officers or may be of help in the courtroom.

Educational requirement:

  • A bachelor’s degree in the required and related field is necessary.
  • The area of a field may include biology, chemistry, genetics, etc.

Salary Insights –

  • The median salary of a forensic DNA analyst is $50,055 per year.

5. Polygraph Examiner

Polygraph examiners are the people who conduct lie detector tests to determine the truth. Conducting a lie detector test requires a highly knowledgeable and trained person. Polygraph examiners are experts in the field and help officers in determining the truth.

Polygraph examiners are also called psycho physiologists as they determine physical responses, thoughts, and emotions. The process is therefore known as psychophysiology. Polygraph examiners require the best communication skills.

To get the truth they use psychological and physiological knowledge while conducting the test. Their work of responsibilities includes conducting exams, preparing reports, preparing subjects for testing, working with investigators, etc.

Salary Insights –

  • The highest-paid salary is $83k/yr
  • The median salary is $54,757/yr

6. Forensic documents’ examiner:

Forensic document examiners’ work responsibility is to determine whether the documents are true or false. They check the checks, contracts, statements, and other documents to determine the forgery.

They also analyze the handwriting and validity of signatures through handwriting. They help officers, investigators, and businesses through their determination and identification. A forensic document examiner has to be trained and experienced in the field. They undergo psychology training and learn the tricks to determine the forgery of statements, documents, checks, and contracts.

They usually work with forensic accountants and government agencies and private contractors.

Educational requirement:

  • A bachelor’s degree in forensic science is a requirement.
  • They must have knowledge of criminal justice.
  • Their training course generally is for two years.

Salary Insights –

  • The median salary of the forensic document examiner is $57,850
  • The highest-paid salary is $95,600

7. Forensic Computer Investigators:

We are living in a world where cyber crimes are at the top. And so forensic computer investigators are highly in demand. All of us are very fond of computers and work online.

In today’s time, all the work is done through computers. To decrease the harm caused by criminals using computers, forensic computer investigators are hired. They collect evidence from phones, tabs, and other computing devices. Forensic computer investigators either work on a contractual basis or for law enforcement officers.

A career in forensic computer investigation is said to be high in demand. Their work help finds criminals guilty. They are usually of help to law enforcement agencies. Their findings are proof in the court to punish the guilty.

Educational requirement:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science and related field is important.

Salary insights:

9. Forensic Toxicologist

Forensic toxicologists identify the cause of death. They usually work for officers to help them determine the cause of death. They find chemicals, poisons and intoxicating substances in the dead body.

They identify the kind of poisons and chemicals present in the body.
Their work of responsibility also includes identifying whether it was suicide or murder.

They can also determine the drugs and other alcohol substances present in the body. To become a forensic toxicologist you need to have knowledge of pharmacy, biology, and chemistry. The median salary of a forensic toxicologist is $72,208 and the highest-paid salary is $97,000.

If we look at all the listings, Forensic Science Careers are undoubtedly the highest-paying careers. The career paths are in absolute demand. With the changing generation and their thinking, technology and education is way ahead of them. Take as much benefit as you can and become what you desire.