The Finite Element Method: A Practical Course by G.R. Liu, S.S. Quek


Book Title : The Finite Element Method

Authors : G. R. Liu and S. S. Quek

File Type : PDF

Book Description

The Finite Element Method: A practical Course by G.R. Liu and S.S. Quek has become an important technology for the modelling and simulation of engineering systems. Written for engineers and students alike, the aim of the book is to produce the mandatory theories and techniques of the FEM for readers to be ready to use an advert FEM package to unravel primarily linear issues in mechanical and engineering with the most specialise in structural mechanics and heat transfer.

Fundamental theories square measure introduced in a very simple means, and progressive techniques for coming up with and analysing engineering systems, together with small structural systems square measure explained thoroughly. Case studies square measure wont to demonstrate these theories, methods, techniques and sensible applications, and various diagrams and tables are used throughout. Overall its a great book to approach practical Finite Elements Method.

Topics Covered :

1. Computational Modelling
2. Introduction to Mechanics for Solids and Structures
3. Fundamentals for Finite Element Method
4. FEM for Trusses
5. FEM for Beams
6. FEM for Frames
7. FEM for Two-Dimensional Solids
8. FEM for Plates and Shells
9. FEM for 3D Solids
10. Special Purpose Elements
11. Modelling Techniques
12. FEM for Heat Transfer Problems
13. Using ABAQUS

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