Financial Risk Management Certification- Career, Exam, and Resources

Financial Risk Management Certification

Financial risk is the probability of having both desirable and undesirable outcomes in your business or other financial areas.

To reduce the chances of undesirable results financial Risk Management knowledge and understanding are needed. It can be achieved through financial Risk Management certifications.

This course disseminates great knowledge about financial risk cause and effect. It also benefits you with various distinctive measures of managing and controlling financial risk. This course offers to aspire Financial Risk Managers to come in contact with expert professionals and take advantage of their experience and knowledge.

What is Financial Risk Management Certification?

FRM certification is a standard course that has great demand in banking, money, and investment areas. Apart from knowledge, it grooms the personality of the candidate as per the requirements of money and risk-taking businesses. And make them a perfect analyst who can make the right decision at the right point to minimize the effect of risk.

GARP- The Only Globally Recognized Membership Association for Risk Managers.

The Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) awarded FRM certification to candidates who successfully complete this certification program.

There are around 30,000 thousand members of this elite group all around the world. They have validated their specialized knowledge and money and risk managing skills after passing both the FRM certification exams and getting two years of experience.

Steps of Financial Risk Management Program

There are 3 Steps involve in FRM certification program:

Step 1: Passing Part 1 exam

There is no prerequisite education needed, anyone can register himself at for the exam. But it is advisable to take up this exam after graduation.

For Part 1 of FRM exam candidates should become acquainted with risk management concepts and theories. They also become more aware of the essential tools and concepts needed to assess financial risk. In order to pass this exam, candidates should have standard theoretical knowledge of Financial Risk and it’s Management.

This exam is conducted twice a year in the month of May and November. It contains 100 MCQs that have to be attempted within a 4-hour duration that cover the following topic areas and their respective weightage.

Quantitative analysis20%
Fundamental risk management concepts20%
Financial markets and products30%
Valuation and risk models30%

To pass the FRM part I exam and to go ahead for the FRM Part II exam you have to score 46%.

Step 2: Passing Part 2 exam

To become a certified Financial Risk Management professional you have to pass the Part II exam after passing the Part I Exam. It focuses on the practical application of the area covered in the Part I exam.

In order to pass this exam candidates should have standard practical knowledge and understanding of applying theoretical concepts and tools in the real world. This Part 2 equipped candidates with real management skills that have great demand in business and banking fields all around the world.

This exam is also conducted twice a year in the month of May and November. It carries 80 MCQs that cover the following topic areas and their respective weightage.

Market risk25%
Credit Risk25%
Operational Risk25%
Risk management and investment management15%
Current issues in Financial Markets10%

To pass the FRM Part ll exam you need to score 52% and go ahead for two years experience in the financial risk management field.

Step 3. Two year of experience

The final step for this FRM certification is having two years of experience. After passing both the exam candidates should undergo two years of full-time experience in risk management and consultation areas. This is a period where you develop and mold their standard knowledge and practical understanding in a professional manner.

To get the certification, after completing the required duration experience, submit your description of your professional role and experience in the risk management field to GARP. It should be done within five years of passing the exam and GARP will confirm you as a certified FRM holder. Now you become a part of an elite group who are known for their great risk management knowledge and sharp decision-making skills.

Career Prospects for Certified Financial Risk Management Candidates

After passing the FRM exam, you automatically become a member of a lite group that has a wide range of career options to choose from.

FRM certification program offers one of the best designations and allows you to stand out from other employees because of your specialized knowledge and skill. Here are some career prospects for aspiring financial risk management professionals:

  • Certified Risk Manager
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Risk management analytics
  • Credit risk specialists
  • Market risk specialists
  • Enterprise Risk Manager
  • Operational risk analysts
  • Regulatory risk analysts
  • Large Enterprise Commercial Risk Manager
  • Analytics Client Consultant
  • Risk Qualification Manager

Online FRM Exam Preparation Providers

To pass the FRM Certification Exam candidates need to study hard to acquire a great deal of knowledge. There are many platforms that act as a guiding resource. They help you in preparation and navigate your study in the right direction.

1. Bionic Turtle

Bionic Turtle- One of the best e-learning platforms that help you in qualifying the FRM exam

One of the best e-learning platforms that help you in qualifying the FRM exam. It provides amazingly designed study materials and financial risk management training. Apart from this, they have their own YouTube channel that has numerous FRM preparation videos for additional help and an online forum to answer your queries.

2. APNA Course

APNA Course- globally recognized platform helps you to pass the FRM exam by providing online Training

It is a GARP approved preparation platform that covers GARP prescribed syllabus for the FRM exam.

This globally recognized platform helps you to pass the FRM exam by providing online Training in different and new ways that interest the students and help in passing exams in minimum possible time.

3. Wiley Efficient Learning

Wiley Efficient Learning- a well known and GARP approved prep provider

It is a well known and GARP approved prep provider. The experts have designed course content in such a way that theoretical knowledge and practical understanding are easily acquired by students. They even take your knowledge beyond exam boundaries and elevate your career with great professionals’ financial risk management knowledge.

This is a promising preparation provider for more than 500 competitive exams.

4. Kaplan

The most attractive feature of this platform is that it provides a prep study package to meet your needs. It offers three packages for learning. Essentials study materials for those who want to study at their own pace but need properly designed materials to study.

Whereas the Premium Plus and Premium Instructional package offers excellent studying materials, additional training resources, and instructional tools know-how. The students can choose the package according to their learning style and pass the FRM exam.

Getting Financial Risk Management Certification is a difficult process. It requires extensive study and proper preparation to pass the exam and two years of experience to become a certified FRM professional.

In this process, you have to devote many hours to prepare to pass the FRM exam. For proper preparation, there are many platforms that act as a helpful resource and provide study materials and training for qualifying Financial Risk Management Certification.

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