12 Top Financial Planning and Budgeting Online Courses and Certifications in 2023

Top Financial Planning and Budgeting Online Courses & Certifications

You might have heard of the term “Financial Planning”. But do you know what it means? It is a step-by-step approach to meeting your life’s goals. And the job of a financial advisor is one of the most prospering business jobs in the world right now. Financial Planning and Budgeting Online Courses have every phase of marketing involved in the course.

The employment of financial advisors is projected to grow by 5% between the years 2020 and 2030. These Financial Planning and Budgeting Online Courses are to educate and make you aware of all the opportunities available online to learn more about this field.

List of Financial Planning And Budgeting Online Courses And Certifications

By utilizing the progress of technology in this era of digitalization learn more about financial planning and budgeting through the online courses listed below.

1. Financial Planning & Analysis: Building a Company’s Budget – Udemy

This course available on Udemy is the perfect course for a total beginner who has little interest in Finance and its various branches. This course, with the help of downloadable resources, promises to provide all the basics required to know financial planning. On-demand videos and certificates of completion are some of its perks.

Course Highlights:

  • Learn the principle characteristics of financial planning
  • Discover the meanings of basic financial terms
  • Gain insights into the procedure involved in making financial statements
  • Explore the technicalities involved in financial analysis
  • Understand how to create a budget
  • Challenge your knowledge with quizzes
  • Get personalized feedback from instructors

Course Duration: 3.5 hours

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2. Introduction to Personal Financial Planning – Indiana University

Indiana University, through the edX platform, has a lot to offer in this Introduction to Personal Financial Planning course. Young learners who want to pursue personal financing as a profession should definitely go through this course to get clarity and engage in deep learning of the various topics included in this. Assignments, grades, and certificates are included to motivate you to learn more.

Course Highlights:

  • Get familiar with the scope of personal financial planning
  • Learn the SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) method
  • Comprehend the formulas used in making budgets
  • Master the process of formulating financial statements
  • Get enriched with the provided extra resources
  • Learn the moral aspect behind financial planning

Course Duration: 4 weeks

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3. Financial Planning for Young Adults – University of Illinois

Despite the title, this course is a must for all those who are interested in finance. Offered by the University of Illinois on Coursera, this course has a lot of valuable information to give. Financial goals and risk management are some of the skills included in this course. Expert instructors, flexible deadlines, self-paced videos, shareable certificates, and starting at the grassroots level make this course truly a must for every finance enthusiast.

Course Highlights:

  • Learn how to create financial goals
  • Recognise the importance of budgeting
  • Relate the concepts to real-life situations
  • Expose yourself to a panel discussion of experts
  • Discover the various money-saving strategies
  • Explore the various opportunities in this field

Course Duration: 20 hours

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4. Finance for Non-Finance Professionals – Rice University

This course, offered by Rice University on Coursera, provides an MBA equivalent opportunity to learn finance with an intuitive approach. Covering topics from financial accounting to capital budgeting at a high conceptual level is the aim of this course. Beginners with absolutely no history of business and accounting understand the structure of finance. Engaging videos and well-versed educators make this a very interesting and very helpful course.

Course Highlights:

  • Get introduced to the fundamentals of financial planning
  • View demonstrations of capital budgeting tools
  • Learn the concept of cash flow
  • Learn with a realistic case study
  • Analysis of the risks and returns of firms
  • Assess your progress with assessments

Course Duration: 14 hours

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5. Finance for Non-Financial Professionals – University of California

University of California, Irvine has given an opportunity to enrich financial aspirants with the importance of finance and budgeting. Applying financial concepts in daily life, creating budgets, and formulating financial statements are a few of the many subjects the course wishes to cover. Available on Coursera, this course gives self-paced videos, and certificates and most importantly gives in-depth knowledge regarding this subject.

Course Highlights:

  • Understand the building blocks of finance
  • Discover the four financial statements
  • Explore the market methods involved in financial valuation
  • Learn various topics ranging from cost to financial ratios
  • Learn the foundation of finance and accounting
  • Attempt module quizzes to learn better

Course Duration: 7 hours

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6. Financial Reporting And Analysis – Udemy

Anybody who wants to become a financial analyst or an investor or a finance manager, this course is for you. Available on Udemy, Financial Reporting and Analysis is divided into three categories to give extensive education on each subtopic. Interactive sessions with personal feedback serve as an advantage in the online atmosphere.

Course Highlights:

  • Learn to evaluate a company using ratio analysis
  • Examine the key features of revenue
  • Explore the prospects in this field
  • Master the procedure of financial reporting
  • Learn the practical applications of financial reports
  • Interact with experts to optimize your learning

Course Duration: 11 hours

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7. Financial Planning – Udemy

Financial Planning is a course offered by Udemy to teach people the value of saving money. Exploring the different aspects of saving and spending, the course is to create awareness among people about this topic. Workbooks and self-paced videos help in making notes and clearing the concepts. People interested in this branch of financial planning can benefit from this course.

Course Highlights:

  • Help create a budget
  • Comprehend the psychology behind saving
  • Set up a living back account
  • Learn the law of saving
  • Get a workbook to take notes and understand the concepts better
  • Identify the relationship between saver and spender

Course Duration: 1 hour

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8. Budgeting Essentials And Development – Coursera

This interesting and stimulating course is available on Coursera for all the financial aspirants out there. It approaches a practical point of view towards budgeting and its essential elements and provides readable sources to understand better. Though it is on an intermediate level and requires the pupils taking the videos should be familiar with a few terms related to business and accounts.

Course Highlights:

  • Learn the practicality behind the budgeting
  • Apply financial concepts in the process of making a budget
  • Recognise the common issues involved in budget making
  • Understand the structure of a budget
  • Expand your knowledge with the reading resources provided
  • Identify the benefits of a budget

Course Duration: 26 Hours

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9. Personal Finance – Purdue University

Personal Finance offered on edX by Purdue University guarantees to make beginners more effective and efficient in the world of finance. People who have completed high school algebra and are familiar with the basic concepts of mathematics can easily take this course to understand the vast topic of investments. This is an instructor-paced course that will have to be completed on the given schedule.

Course Highlights:

  • Learn how to manage finances
  • Know the basics of stocks and investments
  • Understand the concepts with an ample number of examples
  • Relate the academic research to the relevant topic
  • Learn how insurance works
  • Learn the significance of saving for retirement

Course Duration: 5 weeks

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10. The Complete Personal Finance Course – Udemy

This is a complete package including 3 different topics and 3 different courses in one course. Giving insights and tips on how to save money, this course, available on Udemy, is perfect for those who want to learn how to save, protect and make money. 2 articles and 7 downloadable resources are also included to expand your horizon in this subject.

Course Highlights:

  • Understand the basics of finance
  • Learn a variety of topics ranging from the use of credit cards to mutual funds
  • Analyze the materials provided by the instructor
  • Perform a few exercises to learn better
  • Learn tips to save and protect money
  • Make your own diversified investment portfolio

Course Duration:16 hours

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11. Finance for Everyone – University of Michigan

The University of Michigan provides a holistic approach to personal financing and connects it to the daily life situations of people. With fine instructors and educators, this course provides an introduction to finance in a very relatable manner. Offered by edX, Finance for Everyone has its own share of benefits like shareable certificates and MCQ-based assignments.

Course Highlights:

  • Explore the tools and skills of finance
  • Comprehend the importance of the financial world
  • Learn and apply the concepts of The Value of Money in everyday life
  • Learn the decision-making tools of finance and accounting
  • Gain the fundamentals of finance
  • With the assistance of modules revise the learned concepts

Course Duration: 6 weeks

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12. The Fundamentals of Personal Finance Specialization – Coursera

The Fundamentals of Personal Finance Specialization is a course that has topics picked from debt management to financial planning. The speciality of this course is that it deals with current situations in the world which makes it relevant in the times of today and makes the learner understand easily.

Course Highlights:

  • Introduce yourself to the world of finance
  • Learn how to set a financial goal
  • Get your concepts clear regarding debts
  • Explore the various aspects of personal finance
  • Understand the Debt Management Plan
  • Assess your learning with the help of worksheets

Course Duration: 5 months

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