8 Best Fiction Podcasts You Cannot Miss On!

Best fiction podcasts

Remember listening to fictional stories when you were a kid?

Remember how sometimes your parents make up a story to encourage you?

Just those similar stories with even better endings are now put up through podcasts. There are a number of fiction podcasts listened to by millions of individuals every day. The best fiction podcasts are even featured on Spotify and iTunes.

Every fictional story ends with a moral, a value. If you are an avid reader, this is for you. If you are a parent, your kids are going to love them. This is the generation where paperbacks aren’t valued as much as they spent time on mobile phones. Fiction podcasts can grab their attention in seconds and improve their pronunciation, imagination and vocabulary altogether.

8 Best Fiction Podcasts You Cannot Miss On!

Starting with an interesting podcast, I want to remind you that these podcasts may take all your attention and you may want to hear to all of them. That is why we call them the best. On choosing the interesting ones for you or deciding on hearing to all them, do not forget to share it with other fiction lovers too.

1. Welcome To Night Vale

Welcome to night vale best fictional podcasts

Welcome to night vale is one of the unique fiction podcasts. The podcasts are in the community update style. They update about local weather, news, announcement from the sheriff’s secret police, mysterious lights in the sky and cultural events for a small desert town of night vale.

The podcasts can be listened on any podcast app including Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google play, etc. For even interesting experience with behind the scenes videos, you can check their YouTube channel and listen to all the podcasts.

Welcome to night vale podcasts are completely free. But to appreciate the efforts of the creators, you can take the monthly subscription or make a one-time donation. You will also earn rewards for that.

2. Lime Town

Lime town another best fictional podcasts

Lime town is a fiction podcast and a TV show. The producers had launched it in 2015 and became hit after 2 weeks of its release. To date, there are two seasons of Lime Town.

Lime Town is a story of fictional neuroscience community research in a white country, Tenn. It talks about 326 people, who lived in the city disappeared suddenly 10 years ago without leaving a trace. The journalist, Lia Haddock kept looking for the answers that no one could ever answer.

Lime Town is an incredible podcast loved by a number of listeners in NY and around the world. It will challenge you, entertain you and encourage you. The podcasts are available on apple podcasts, google play, stitcher, and pocket casts.

3. The Black Tapes

best fictional podcasts journey with black tapes

Black Tapes is a horror fiction podcast. The podcast is hosted by Alex Reagan. The story talks about a journalist. She is in search for the truth of her subject’s mysterious past. During the search, both are ghosted by figures.

It constantly questions listeners whether they believe in super natural, ghosts, demons and spirits. There are two seasons for the podcast with 12 episodes in each. You can listen to episodes on iTunes and audio platforms.

The audio platforms are absolutely free. On subscribing to any of them will notify you for new episodes. It is a great way to engross in interesting stories. Black tapes, one of the best fiction podcasts, make stories interesting.

4. Alice Isn’t Dead

Alice isn't dead the best fictional podcasts with three series

Alice is not dead comes from the NY Best Selling Co-author of Welcome to night vale and It devours. It is a thrilling story of a truck driver. The podcast was published by Night Vale and has three series till date.

The truck driver searches for the wife she assumed was dead long ago. The podcast has gained lot many attentions from the listeners since its thrilling journey with the drive creates continuous curiosity in all the episodes.

During her search, she encounters serial killers, town lost in time and the conspiracy goes beyond the missing woman. This is for sure something you cannot miss on. Head up to their podcast, and begin listening.

Available on – Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts and Stitcher.

5. Hello From The Magic Tavern

Hello from the magic tavern

Hello from the magic tavern is a comedy fiction podcast. The podcast is hosted and produced by Arnie. In the podcast, the fictional version of Arnie is described in the most creative way.

The character falls through a portal behind the Burger King, then finds himself in the magical land called Foon. It’s interesting the way the episodes are being held and engages each listener to an extent.

Arnie creates weekly podcast interviewing creatures, wizards, and adventurers. I am sure you will love all the three seasons.

6. Within The Wires

Within the wires

No wonder, the title says it all. The dramatic name completely suggests that the podcast is dramatic fiction. Another best fiction podcasts to make your day.

These podcasts are basically in the style of epistolary fiction. There are four seasons, each season is entertainment in itself. The first season talks about relaxation techniques given on a mysterious call. The second tells the story in the guise of 10 audio museum guides. And the third similarly, tells the story in dictated letters and notes from a bureaucrat to his secretary.

These are incredible audio podcasts that you will love listening to. Available on all audio platforms now.

7. Wooden Overcoats

Wooden overcoat the best fictional podcasts to listen to

The wooden overcoats is another fiction podcast taking away all the attention of listeners. I love how the story is narrated and curated in all the episodes of each season.

It’s about a funeral parlor business. The podcast talks about the failing funeral parlor where Rudyard funn and his sister puts the dead body in the coffin, then in the ground on time. But one day they find nobody’s taking the funeral of new competitor seriously.

Everybody is enjoying the funeral of Chapman. And these people do every possible things to stay in the business. The podcast is different for a reason. It’s great and powerful in its content. You will enjoy if you listen to all the episodes.

8. Archive 81

Archive 81, a horror the best fictional podcasts

Archive 81, one of the 8 best fiction podcasts, is horror fiction. The horror fiction podcast is about rituals, stories, and sound.

Every new episode is released on Wednesday. Currently, the podcast is in its third season creating lasting impression every Wednesday. Basically, melody interviews the residents of some building in the tape who has gone missing in mid 1990s.

It also talks about Dane who is been hired to record his activities regarding these tapes that deal with mysterious building in New York City. The podcast is available on all audio platforms. You can click here to listen to them.

Fictional stories are the best ways to enhance imaginative power plus improve vocabulary and pronunciation. Especially, it helps children explore genres and different contents. During this time of lockdown, I am sure your kids will engage in interesting activities like listening to podcasts better than listening to unusual cartoon series.