Facebook One Word Name Trick


Facebook One Word Name Trick

Today, I am going to help you to make single or one-word profile name in the Facebook account. Well, this trick works only on Google Chrome. (Don’t have Chrome, Download it). Facebook One Word Name Trick works 100% sure, so follow the steps below without any hesitation.

I have followed same steps to get my name “single word”.

Steps to Follow:

  1. First, add ‘GeoProxy‘ to Chrome extension list. Here is the link GeoProxy, It has a huge list of proxy servers

  2. Add GeoProxy Facebook One Word Name Trick 1

  3. After adding this extension, a sky-blue icon will appear on the top right corner of the browser, it means extension is added. Now select ‘Indonesia‘, the list of proxy addresses will appear, just select any of them.

  4. Go to your Facebook profile, change the language to ‘Bahasa Indonesia‘ just by going to ‘settings‘ and then click language.

  5. Now you have everything on your Facebook profile in Bahasa Indonesian language, which was really confusing for me. For your easiness, I am writing the remaining steps in this language. Go to ‘Umum‘ (On left upper corner), then name changing page appears

  6. Click ‘Sunting‘.

  7. Fill the first box out of three boxes with your desired name and leave other two blanks. Then click “Tinjau Perubahan” just below those boxes. Done, you get your desired name :) (Note- Remain on the same page for a while for below steps.)

  8. Again, switch your desired language just by clicking ‘Bahasa‘ (6th from the top in the list of options appears on the left of the page), then click ‘Sunting‘.

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That’s it. Don’t forget to remove the proxy from the browser by going to that ‘sky-blue’ icon and selecting ‘Do not use proxy’.

Have fun :)

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