Essentials of Geographic Information Systems

Essentials of Geographic Information Systems

Title: Essentials of Geographic Information Systems

Authors: Jonathan Campbell, Michael Shin

License: CC 3.0 Unported

Book Description:

If you’re here, I expect you know little about GIS. No?  Let me tell you about GIS in brief.

GIS or Geographic Information Systems is system or technique used to capture, analyse, manipulate, manage and present all types of gegraphical data.

There are various GIS software used to capture and present different types of geographical data, such as spatial data and additional i.e. name, population of a particular p;ace and other data.

Some Interesting Technical Books:

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Mining of Massive Datasets

This book is all bout GIS, tecahes you fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems, technology used and the ways used to capture and manage large datasets.

In addition to essentials of GIS, this book also teaches you GIS project management solutions.

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