Engineering Physics by Dr B Siddalingappa


Book Title: Engineering Physics

Author : Dr B Siddalingappa

File Type : PDF

Book Description :

Engineering Physics by Dr B Siddalingappa is written for the first year undergraduate engineering students. As you all know, there is a common syllabus for first year engineering and physics is one of the subjects taught in first/second semester. 

Different universities have different syllabus in Engineering Physics but the goal is same to introduce students to engineering physics. You may mind all the topics in the book or there may be some but you will find most of the topics for sure. Below is the list of topics covered.

Table of Contents:

  1. Black Body Radiation
  2. .Quantum Mechanics
  3. Crystal Structure
  4. X-Ray Diffraction
  5. Electronic Conduction in Solids
  6. Semiconductors
  7. Magnetic Properties of Materials
  8. Dielectric Properties of Materials
  9. Optical Properties of Materials
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