Engineering Materials by Michael F Ashby, David Jones (Part 1)

Engineering Materials Michael F Ashby

Title: Engineering Materials

Authors: Michael F Ashby, David Jones

Why This Book?

Engineering materials is one of the core subjects for mechanical and civil engineering students and it is a part of every engineering competitive exams. This book is written keeping undergraduate students in mind and aimed at building fundamentals of engineering materials.

Michael F Ashby writes that It cannot make you a materials expert, but it can teach you how to make a sensible choice of material, how to avoid the mistakes that have led to embarrassment or tragedy in the past, and where to turn for further, more detailed, help.

Some other good books on engineering materials:

Mechanics of Materials by R C Hibbeler

Fundamentals of modern manufacturing materials by Mikell P Groover

Divided in 26 chapters and subtopics, engineering materials by Michael F Ashby clearly explains each and every topic to make you understand everything in a lucid way. The book contains several high quality examples and unsolved problem, which is highly important for competitive exams like GATE and ESE and other exams.

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