12 Best Energy Healing Online Courses and Certificate Programs in 2023

Life is different in the 21st century. People are too busy to even find happiness and contentment in their daily lives. The need for energy healing is at its peak and you can fulfil this need by learning through energy healing online courses.

Energy healing has become one of the top priorities in the post-pandemic world. People have started realizing that there is a need to stop themselves and review the life they are living right now. Positivity and self-awareness are the primary things that an individual is looking for currently.

And what better way to channel your energy and desire for learning something new and valuable than by signing up for an online course that motivates you to do the same? To make you familiar with the concepts of energy healing and the various kinds of age-old techniques used around the world, these energy healing online courses will benefit you greatly.

12 Best Energy Healing Online Courses and Certificate Programs

List of the best Energy Healing Online Courses and Certificate Programs

Here we have jotted down a number of the most popular online energy healing courses on energy healing.

1. Curanderismo: Traditional Healing of the Mind, Energy & Spirit – Coursera

The University of New Mexico has launched an online program that focuses on energy healing by combining it with the age-old traditions of Latin America. This is one of the four courses on Curanderismo, the art of Latino traditional medicine and healing powers.

This course aims at making individuals aware of the basic principles of this long-established medicine. Podcasts, required books, and optional texts will be provided along with the certificate of completion. Though the learners will not become certified healers, they will develop a basic understanding of curanderismo.

Course Highlights: 

  • Identify the various types of traditional healing
  • Recognize the impact of traditional healing on culture
  • Understand the rituals and remedies of Curanderismo
  • Realize and compare the different types of therapies in this healing process
  • Differentiate between spiritual and energetic cleansing
  • Learn about the benefits of laughter therapy

Course Duration: 18 hours

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2. Reiki Level I, II and Master Certification – Energy Healing – Udemy

This course promises to make you a certified Usui Reiki practitioner through its module lectures and regular assignments. Along with six downloadable resources, It has as many as 41 articles in the form of PDFs and MP3 files which will benefit you in the long run.

There are no such requirements for attending this course. The only requirement is that the participant must have the qualities of self-awareness and self-improvement. A shareable certificate of completion will be provided to those who successfully complete the tests.

Course Highlights: 

  • Learn the concept of Reiki and its benefits
  • Know about the history and origin of Reiki and its importance in today’s world
  • Explore and try implementing the five principles of Reiki
  • Increase your healing powers through the senses of sight and touch
  • Recognize how crystals enhance healing through Reiki
  • Adapt a new attitude towards humans, animals, and the environment

Course Duration: 2.5 hours

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3. Your 7 Chakras: The Complete Guide to Your Energy Body – Udemy

This is an online self-regulated course on energy healing, which focuses primarily on chakras. Understanding the importance of chakras, by citing various examples hidden in history and educating the course takers on the need to start applying these chakras in daily routine, this course is a full package for anyone who is seeking a sense of peace and energy.

Not just physically but also mentally. As this course is easily available on Udemy, it offers many add-ons as well like 13 articles, 2 downloadable sources, and a certificate of participation.

Course Highlights: 

  • Understand the concept of Chakras and how they influence the body
  • Master the skill of diagnosing the Chakras that is whether it is blocked, healthy or blown
  • Learn about the building blocks of Chakras, their functions and their purpose
  • Establish a relationship between the society and Chakras
  • Become familiar with the steps needed to refine the functioning of Chakras
  • Locate the 7 chakras in your body and identify the ways to improve and strengthen them

Course Duration: 6.5 hours

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4. Curanderismo: Traditional Healing Using Plants – Coursera

Second, of the four energy healing online courses on Curanderismo, Coursera has offered an energy healing online course for all those who are looking to enlighten themselves in this field. This course guarantees to make you familiar with as well as master this traditional form of healing in almost 15 hours.

Subtitles are available in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, English, and Spanish, this course is not just limited to a certain section of individuals but to all those who actually want to learn something new.

Course Highlights: 

  • Learn about the origin of Curanderismo and its significance in its Hispanic/Latino culture
  • Discover how using plants can be a form of energy healing
  • Apply the basic principles of this energy-healing medicine to health disorders and diseases
  • Gain insights on how to use water-based plants to maximize the benefit
  • Identify how to juice therapy, oils and smoke serve as remedies for Kiran tourism
  • Realize the curative remedies of Southwest plants

Course Duration:15 hours

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5. The Art of Energy Healing – Udemy

Learn it professionals have come together and formed a course on the art of energy healing. This course, available on Udemy, provides an overall understanding of self and how an individual themselves can overcome negative thoughts and ideas.

According to this energy healing online course, it is a more creative and enlightening approach to healing yourself as well as your near and dear ones, than any other approach. This module-lecture course plunges into the methods of healing modalities and promises to help individuals explore natural healing methods.

Course Highlights: 

  • Recognize the various kinds of techniques in energy healing
  • Channelize your inner energy into healing yourself
  • Comprehend the skill of guiding a client into this relaxed state of mind
  • Learn to clear your mind of negative thoughts
  • Understand your deeper self and enlighten yourself through self-awareness
  • Overcome self-doubt and gain confidence in yourself

Course Duration: 3.5 hours

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6. Energy Healing Hand Positions Mudra Course Certification – Udemy

Sixth on the list of best energy healing online courses, Udemy has a great resource. In less than an hour, this course has guaranteed to make its participants masters in channelising and utilising energy healing powers. There are no prerequisites for attending this course. The only requirement is that the taker of this course should have an open mind to improve him/herself and the will to learn about energy healing.

The course will contain video tutorials, modules, MCQ-based quizzes, PDF files and MP3 files to make it easier for the participants to grasp the core aspects of this topic.

Course Highlights: 

  • Learn about the mudras and wisdom of Indian yogis
  • Correlate the concepts of mudras and chakras
  • Recognize the different types of mudras methods
  • Formulate steps to form hand mudras and benefit from them
  • Incorporate mudras in any form of meditation
  • learn about the relationship between mudras and energy healing

Course Duration: 41 mins

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7. Curanderismo: Traditional Healing of the Body – Coursera

Another course from the University of New Mexico focuses primarily on the healing of the body in an old style. This course will go into the details of the basics of traditional healing of the body and how it has evolved over the course of time.

Though this course states that registering and attending it will not make the attendees certified healers, they will gain enough knowledge to heal themselves as well as those in their surroundings. A verified certificate of completion and articles will be provided to all those who successfully complete the course.

Course Highlights:

  • Identify the global and cultural influences of traditional healing
  • Discover how traditional healing is applied to various illnesses such as intestinal blockage and fire cupping
  • Recognize and compare the various therapies that come under traditional healing
  • Apply the basic principles of traditional healing to mental illnesses
  • Study through texts on rituals and remedies
  • Listen to podcasts on Mexican folk healing

Course Duration: 14 hours

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8. Energy Healing with Colour and Art Certificate Course – Udemy

In merely half an hour, this online self-learning course has been developed to help people become aware of a concept called colour therapy. Combining 7 Chakras meditation with Reiki and colour therapy, this course is a unique one and is surely a must-attend for all those seeking to enlighten themselves in energy healing.

The instructor of the course will be providing a colour healing diary sheet to all the participants so that they can record their experiences. This course includes a certificate of completion as well as a digital seal of completion for all those who successfully complete the course.

Course Highlights: 

  • Understand the concept of colour therapy
  • Learn about the building blocks of energy healing
  • Comprehend the use of colours in energy healing and how it benefits
  • Analyze the chakras and identify their colours
  • Enlighten yourself by realizing your self-worth
  • Explore the value of art healing expression

Course Duration: 32 mins

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9. Energy Healing Yourself Activate Your Light Body In A Week Udemy

Another course on energy healing on Udemy, this one takes on a different approach by analyzing the bio-energy healing techniques. From the comfort of your home, you can practice this approach and obtain results very quickly and easily.

There are no kind requirements for attending this course. The only demand is to concentrate and listen carefully to what the instructor is saying. A certificate of participation and 14 downloadable sources will be given to all the registered participants.

Course Highlights: 

  • Explore the different kinds of meditation techniques
  • Compare this technique of energy healing with Reiki therapy
  • Protect yourself from negative thoughts and people by practising this daily
  • Enlighten your body and soul with positive thoughts
  • Read e-books on topics like subtle energy and light body activation
  • Expand your state of consciousness and self-awareness

Course Duration: 5.5 hours

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10. Energy Healing is in Your Hands Use Energy Healing to Heal – Udemy

Tenth on the list of best energy healing online courses – This course takes a unique approach by expanding the knowledge of the participants by familiarising them with alternative techniques for energy healing. For attending this course, there is a need to have an open mind as well as the power to make yourself more aware of your energy and potential.

The techniques taught in these modules can be practised at home easily. Energy healing can be understood and implemented in the daily routine of life effortlessly through this course. A number of PDFs will also be given to maximize the benefit of this course.

Course Highlights: 

  • Acquire the skill of sensing the energy field of another person
  • Become more aware of yourself and your soul
  • Lift someone else’s energy and heal them
  • Recognize the various types of energy healing
  • Implement the habit of meditating on a daily basis
  • Connect yourself to the energy field of your body

Course Duration:1.5 hours

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11. Natural Healing and Cooking – UC San Diego Extension

UC San Diego has provided natural healing a cooking course on its online platform. This course takes on a different approach by connecting nutrition with energy healing. It explores the power of food in natural healing and discovering yourself.

This is a self-paced course that allows the students to attend the pre-recorded courses according to their convenience. A certificate of completion will be provided to the registered students after they complete all the assignments and tests. The participants will also get a chance to interact with their instructors.

Course Highlights: 

  • Understand the relationship between nutrition and energy healing
  • Explore the impact of dietary patterns on health and diseases
  • Acquire the skill of identifying the perfect vegetables and fruits
  • Master the skill of preparing and cooking food perfectly
  • Learn the tips and tricks to have a healthy lifestyle
  • Examine the tools and instruments to get the best grains and pulses

Course Duration: Self Paced

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12. Introduction to Natural Health and Healing – UCF Continuing Education

The University of Florida has designed an online self-learning course on natural health and healing. This course aims at giving the participants an insight into the ways to develop natural health and well-being. It discusses a variety of methods like diets, yoga, meditation, natural remedies, and positive attitude, and their link with a healthy body and mind. Material for the course will be provided after signing up for it. This course is highly recommended to all those who want to improve their quality of life.

  • Learn about the various types of health illnesses and how they can be overcome by natural healing
  • Learn about the dynamics of hydrotherapy and its benefits
  • Understand naturopathy and how it influences the body
  • Explore the influence of minerals and vitamins in a healthy diet
  • Discover how your behaviour indicates your health and well-being 
  • Recognize the therapies used in case of health emergencies 

Course Duration: Self Paced

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