10 Best Digital Transformation Online Courses and Certifications in 2023

Best Digital Transformation Online Courses and Certifications-min

In today’s fast-changing world that is driven by technology and prone to technological changes and advancements, businesses need to understand and adopt these emerging technologies so that they remain profitable and competitive. They need to understand the emerging opportunities, and inherent challenges to maximize organizational value and reduce transformation risk. Digital Transformation Online Courses is an option for learning elaborately on the above topic.

List of Best Digital Transformation Online Courses

Here are a few top Digital Transformation Online Courses that elaborate on the concept of digital transformation-

1. Digital Transformation – Coursera

This course from the Darden School of Business covers the topic of digital transformation on two levels- first, how the pace of change is imperative to a business and next, identifying areas, and processes to digitize using the BCG matrix. Enrol in this fully online course, complete it at your pace and earn a shareable certificate.

Course Highlights:

  • Know about the technology, market disruptions, and economics behind innovation.
  • Understand the present digital and technological advancements, their advantages and their disadvantages.
  • Learn how the BCG transformational framework can be used in digitizing the organization.

Course Duration: 14 hours

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2. Effectively Leading Digital Transformation – Linkedin

This course is second on the list of Digital Transformation Online Courses and teaches how managers and leaders can lead their companies better with the help of digital transformation. Get to know how businesses are being affected by technological advancements and what transformations can they bring in their systems and processes.

Course Highlights:

  • Learn what is digital transformation in detail
  • Know what cloud services and the mobile revolution are.
  • Learn about the Internet of Things.
  • Evaluate how prepared to evolve your organization is.
  • Know how disruption and evolution act as transformational blockers.
  • Learn how digital transformation should be managed and risk of data accumulation should be mitigated.
  • Learn how to innovate by experimenting, grow employee skills and accelerate customer networks.

Course Duration:1 hour

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3. Digital Transformation Program- Stanford University

This course puts together techniques and tools that can be applied throughout the organization to effectively transform it. Sign up for this program to be able to design and implement a sustainable digital transformation successfully.

Course Highlights:

  • Know how to deal with changes and uncertainty arising from it.
  • Understand how agility and efficiency of business operations can be increased and apply that across business units.
  • Learn to make better and more informed decisions by analyzing the data.
  • Formulate such teams that bring forth new technologies and leverage digital transformation processes.
  • Learn how you can increase customer satisfaction by using artificial intelligence.

Course Duration: 5-8 hours

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4. Defining A Digital Transformation Roadmap – Udemy

This online course will give you insights into your company and help initiate a digital transformation. It offers ways in which development can begin in an integrated way and phase-wise manner. Learn how to build a framework that not only enhances capabilities and competencies but also takes your organization a step forward in becoming a digital leader. Enrol in this course to learn how to successfully develop a digital transformation program, in just 12 lectures.

Course highlights:

  • Learn what the prerequisites of drafting a successful plan of digital transformation are.
  • Identify the areas that cause the efforts to fail and learn how to avoid or minimize the same.
  • Learn how a phased program should be defined that leads the organization to success.
  • Build your company as a digital leader by drawing out a digital transformation plan in a phased manner.
  • Learn, build, and communicate the requirements to successfully implement the digital transformation plan you designed.

Course Duration: 1 hour

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5. Digital Transformation: Masterclass – Udemy

This course provides a different view of digital transformation. The knowledge this course offers will not only help enhance your current knowledge about the topic but also help you master digital transformation. This online course discusses digital transformation as directed towards enhancing value creation for customers and employees. Anyone who wishes to transition into digital transformation, professionals looking forward to enhancing their skills, or student enthusiasts can benefit from this course.

Course Highlights:

  • Learn about the knowledge used by successful consultants of digital transformation.
  • Know the concept of digital transformation in detail.
  • Understand what makes digital transformations successful.
  • Study case studies of business leaders in technology.
  • Learn how digital transformation and transformation technologies are structured.
  • Study future trends in digital transformation.
  • Learn more about career options in digital transformation.

Course Duration: 6 hours

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6. Digital Transformation in Business – edX

Learn how strategic application of data transformation can transform the organization and maximize its value. This course teaches how to weigh the impacts of crucial digital technological transformation on the business. Sign up for this course to know how digital transformation in an organization is executed.

Course Highlights:

  • Know how organizations, economies, and markets are being transformed by digital technologies.
  • Understand the interaction between technology transformation and organizational strategy.
  • Know what points are to be taken care of when decisions regarding strategic investments are made involving digital technology.
  • Understand the underlying issues arising in the implementation of different systems.
  • Learn how organizational change and IT governance should be managed.

Course Duration: 7 weeks

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7. Effecting Digital Transformation With Data Analytics Projects- edx

This online course teaches about the theories and concepts of digital transformation and explores the methods to build a digital organization. It next tries to understand how these can be applied to three kinds of organizations and studies their impact on them.

Course Highlights:

  • Learn how data analytics projects can be managed by using the Agile delivery system.
  • Study the case studies of new start-ups as well as of established ones.
  • Learn how an organization under threat can use digital transformation to rescue itself.
  • Learn how a set of data analytics projects can be managed.

Course Duration: 4 weeks

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8. Digital Transformations – Coursera

This online course offered by the Indian School of Business gives an understanding of the changes in business environments brought by the evolution of information technology. Divided into three parts, this online course will help you know digital strategy, business transformation, and disruptive innovation.

Course Highlights:

  • Know what technological factors have caused business disruption and learn to identify such patterns in various industries.
  • Gain knowledge about different business classes and understand their characteristics.
  • Understand what importance IT has in defining information capabilities.
  • Understand how IT networks aggregate information and enable unstructured interactions in the organization.

Course Duration: 19 hours

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9. Introduction to Digital Transformation With Google Cloud- Coursera

This online course on Digital Transformation with Google Cloud provides an understanding of basic terms like cloud technology and digital transformation and explains how a change can be brought in the organization by using it. Complete this beginner-level course as per your schedule and earn a shareable certificate as well.

Course Highlights:

  • Understand what elementary terms like data, digital transformation, and cloud technology mean. 
  • Know how a business can be transformed by cloud technology.
  • Define the principles that instil an attitude of transformation in the organization.

Course Duration: 2 hours

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10. Digital Transformation of Mining – Edx

Take this course to know how digital transformations affect mining businesses. This course also discusses the impact of digitalization on the designing, functioning, and management of mines. This is an interactive course that tries to enhance your current understanding of how mining is affected by digital changes through case studies.

Course Highlights:

  • Learn to recognize the stages that can be digitalized and improve the value chain process.
  • Understand the advantages of mobilizing digital technology capabilities.
  • Learn what role automation and visualization play in training, teamwork, and mine design, and value it.
  • Understand the changes increased digitization will bring in the current mining skills. 

Course Duration: 8 weeks

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