How to Describe Project Management on a Resume? Highlight project keywords and skills

If you are applying for a firm’s project management position, you have to make sure that your resume highlights your project management skills and experience. Creating a resume is not an easy job. Still, you must know that if you use the online resume maker tools, you can easily get an attractive resume template. But you have to add personal information, keywords, skills, and experience by yourself. In this post, we will tell you how you can describe project management on a resume.

How to Describe Project Management on a Resume? Highlight project keywords and skills

Applying for a project manager position – Requirements

Not everyone can apply for a project manager position. To get this position, you need at least 22 years of relevant education in the field and at least 1500 hours of work experience in the relevant field. If you have this kind of experience and education, you can easily apply to any well-reputed institute.

You must know that when you are applying for this kind of job with a resume, you have to ensure that you describe the experience in detail. Experience in project management includes many skills and responsibilities, including planning, leading, execution, time-management, budget management, documentation, maintenance, and participation.

Describing project management on a resume – Example!

It can be difficult to understand how you can describe all the project management skills and experience in the resume because of the limited space. Also, we have seen many people increase the length of their resumes to describe their project management abilities. In the example below, you would understand how to describe your position in a concise way.

Example template of project manager résumé

Name of the candidate

Contact information

Email address

Summary Statement

In the summary statement, you have to tell briefly about your experience relevant to the job you are applying for and your future goals and objective statement. You have to keep the summary very short.

Work Experience

  1. Project Manager (TITLE)

2. Name of the company where you were employed

3. Duration of your experience (start and end date)

4. Address of the company

  • Details of the most recent project you managed.
  • Write about the number of team members you were working on the project.
  • Tell the recruiter about the successes and results you achieved in the project.

This completes one experience section in a resume catered for a senior project management position!

Now, if you have only one notable experience in project management, you can mention it in the experience section. But if you have more than one experience and have done multiple project management or intern jobs in the past, you can mention them in the same pattern in a reverse-chronological format.

After that, you must add other information that you would know about in the structure discussed below.

How to structure a project manager resume template in the right way?

A resume in today’s world is considerably different from one from the past. Instead of overloading pages with extraneous material, you must now focus on clarity and simplicity. When preparing a project manager resume, you can always use an online resume maker. There are many good resume builder online tools like the one by smallseotools which can help you create intriguing templates. But if you don’t want to use online resume builder online tools, we suggest you follow the points we have listed in this section.

Structure your project management resume with a resume maker in this way:

  • First, visit select the style of the resume. You should use the reverse chronological format to highlight your skills, strengths, education, and experience.
  • First, add your name and contact information in the resume header.
  • Divide the resume into sections, including the summary statement, work experience, education, skills, certifications, etc.
  • After contact information and your objective, you can write down project manager experience, relevant education, relevant skills, and any other certification.

Make sure that your resume doesn’t go beyond two pages. A one-page resume is considered to be perfect if you don’t have much experience to brag about.

Highlighting keywords and skills

When you are applying for a project manager job, you have to make sure that you add and highlight relevant skills and keywords in the resume. This is important because today, resumes are scanned and shortlisted digitally with the help of OCR and other advanced technology. So if you want to get your resume shortlisted, you have to fill it with required skills and keywords relevant to the job post.

Some of the most important skills and keywords that you have to highlight in a project manager resume are listed below:

  • Project management methodologies
  • Software proficiency
  • Data analysis
  • Cost control
  • Time management
  • Effective communication
  • Active listening
  • Prioritization
  • Problem-solving
  • Adaptability
  • Empathy
  • Patience

These are all the technical and additional skills and keywords that you need to highlight in your resume. Use the best resume builder online tool. You can easily find divided sections to add all of the information discussed in this post.

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