Data Structures And Algorithms in Java By Goodrich, Tamassia, Goldwasser

Data structures algorithm in java goodrich pdf

Title: Data Structures And Algorithms in Java

Authors: Goodrich, Tamassia

License: CC 3.0 ShareAlike

Why This Book?

Data structures and algorithms in Java is a book written by Michael T. G and Robert Tamassia and is an introduction to data structures and algorithms including design, analysis, and implementation.

It is directed with different applications to information assurance, the Internet, machine learning, geometric computing at the design of high-performance algorithms and data structures. It is designed for use at the beginning level data structure courses or intermediate level introduction to algorithms course.

The two authors have created an elegant and innovative book to inform readers on the power of using technology to go beyond. It uses Java as the implementation language while still providing innate knowledge and data structure analysis.

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Data structures and algorithms in java by Goodrich have a lot of illustrations, web-based animations, and simplified mathematical analysis which justify the importance of analytical concepts.

The key features of this book include; updates to Java 5.0 features, hundreds of exercises, new case studies and online animations to entice the readers.

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