Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis in Java

data structures algorithm analysis java pdf

Book Title: Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis in Java

Author: Clifford A. Shaffer

License Detail: N/A

Book Description:

This book aims at teaching you data structure by applying each of the concepts. It is very important that the practitioner understands the fundamentals needed to choose and design the data structure which will solve the problem rather than just mugging up.

“Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis in Java” covers most of the essential data structures and their principles. Few advanced and new data structures which will be widely used in future are also included. After data structures are finalized next step is designing the algorithm to solve the problem. Hence creeps up the need to analyze the algorithm’s complexity.

One problem and be solved with multiple approaches, therefore the algorithm which has the best complexity is chosen to save time and space. This makes the study of algorithm analysis supremely important which has been clearly explained in this book with numerous examples. The student who has completed a good course in Discrete Mathematics will benefit more.

Nonetheless, we have included a chapter which attempts to give  a complete survey of the prerequisite mathematical topics at the level necessary to understand their use in this book

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