Data Mining and Analysis – Fundamental Concepts and Algorithms

data mining and analysis

Title: Data Mining and Analysis – Fundamental Concepts and Algorithms

Title: Muhammad Zaki, Wagner Meira Jr.

License: N/A

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


First of all, what is data mining? No idea? Let’s talk about it in brief.

Data mining is the study of algorithm for finding patterns and process of sorting large data sets . The purpose of data mining is to take out use information from large data  sets and also convert raw data to useful one.

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Using sophisticated mathematical algorithms to segment the data, mining is done to turn the data extraction process automatically. Data mining is also known as Knowledge Discovery in Data.

This book is written keeping undergraduate and graduate students in mind and can counted as intermediate level book of data mining. It teaches you basics of data mining, clustering, pattern making, machine learning and some statistics.

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