Criminology Career: Scopes and Opportunities in 2023

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Criminology is the process of determining why the crimes were committed. They analyze and identify the reason behind the crime scene. Any person with a criminology degree can opt for the highest paying criminology careers. Criminology, forensic science, and criminal justice have quite similar careers in hand.

There are certain certificate courses that can be done for a period of six months. These courses are offered by government agencies. However, a bachelor’s degree in criminology, forensic science, and criminal justice can be of more help for opting the highest paying careers.

Everyday crime scenes are taking place. To provide justice and to identify the reasons behind such acts, criminologists are called upon. Criminology degree can lead you to the highest paying careers.

Below are the careers that can be opted through criminology degree. Moreover, some of the most interesting careers with forensic science and criminal justice degree are.

  • Private Detectives
  • Criminal Investigators
  • Crime Scene Investigator
  • Crime Laboratory Analyst
  • F.B.I. Agents
  • Forensic Toxicologist
  • Forensic Engineer
  • Police Officers
  • Crime Intelligence Analyst
  1. Private detectives:

Private detectives are the people who work for private agencies, private law enforcement agencies or sometimes directly for people privately.

They do the job of finding out missing people. They also participate in crime scenes. Their work remains private. Private detectives maintain confidentiality and perform their tasks privately

They generally study crime scenes and identify the reasons behind it. They find clues, evidence and report the same for agencies they work for.

A degree in criminal justice is must under criminology career.

Salary insights:

  • The highest-paid salary of a private detective is $86,730
  • The median salary of a private detective is $50,700
  1. Criminal Investigator:

The job of the criminal investigator is not as easy as it seems. Their responsibility is more than what it seems.

Criminal investigators do the job of solving crimes happened. They investigate each phase in the crime scene.

However, the process may take few days, a week and sometimes months or more than that. Each evidence holds so much importance in the career of Criminal Investigators. These people generally work for federal government, local, and state agencies. The more the experience you have in the field, the more you are being paid.

You may have skills like, collecting evidence, investigating scenes, write records, and prepare reports. The required education for the field is a must.

Educational requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree is important. It is the requirement for opting for criminal justice as a career.

Salary insights:

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2018, the average salary of a Criminal Investigator is $85,020.

  1. Crime scene investigator:

Crime scene investigators do the job of collecting evidence from the crime scene. They investigate each proof or the evidence found at the crime scene in detail. Moreover, they analyze every little thing with different perspectives.

They collect mostly hair, nails, blood stains, or anything that may prove something in regard to the criminal. Their main responsibility is to give justice to the victim by investigating at their best.

Crime scene investigators’ jobs also include creating reports, documents, and data of the evidence they collect.  They need to be so intelligent while collecting evidence so as to provide justice to the victim and punish the criminal.

A bachelor’s degree and experience are must to become a CSI. Later on, you can apply for an internship or a direct job as a crime scene investigator.

  • The average salary of the CSI is $81,920
  • However, salaries depend on experience as well.
  1. Crime laboratory analyst:

Crime laboratory analysts perform the task of collecting evidence, analyzing and presenting it in the courtroom. They help law enforcement officers with evidence and determining the reason behind the crime scene.

Their work of responsibility also includes preparing reports of the found evidence. Crime laboratory analysts then submit the reports in the courtroom.

Crime laboratory analysts generally work for federal government agencies, public sector, and law enforcement officers.

A degree in criminology is important to become a crime laboratory analyst. However, optional courses can be done to gain experience. Experience in the field makes one a better crime laboratory analyst.

Salary insights:

  • The median salary of a crime laboratory analyst is $58,230.
  1. F.B.I agents:

Federal Bureau of Investigation is a justice department which investigates and enforces federal law. 35,000 individuals are employed by the F.B.I agency.

F.B.I agents do the job of enforcing federal law. They investigate crime scenes and help in the courtroom. Their job is to defend the United States from terrorism, unnecessary charges and enforcing federal law.

 F.B.I agents involve in arrest warrants, crime scenes, and other activities to help investigators and officers. They may also participate in huge criminal activities and put forth their job responsibilities.

To become an F.B.I agent one must hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field and three years of experience. Also, one needs to complete self physical fitness test.

Salary insight:

  • Experienced candidates earn a salary ranging from $60,000 to $120,000
  • However, beginners may earn $48,000.
  1. Forensic toxicologist:

Forensic toxicologists identify the cause of death. They usually work for officers to help them determine the cause of death. They find chemicals, poisons and intoxicating substances in the dead body.

They identify the kind of poisons and chemicals present in the body. Their work of responsibility also includes identifying whether it was suicide or a murder. Forensic toxicologists can determine the rape cases as well through the body.

They can also determine the drugs and other alcohol substances present in the body. To become a forensic toxicologist you need to have knowledge of pharmacy, biology, and chemistry.

Salary insights:

  • The median salary of a forensic toxicologist is $85,670 and the highest-paid salary is $152,000.
  1. Forensic engineer:

Forensic engineers are the people who investigate cases that involve engineering. They investigate cars, bridges, machinery, or pieces of machines to find evidence.

They are generally called upon to crime scenes that require their presence. The crime scenes that may involve car crash, accidents, and other dangerous activities. Forensic engineers do the critical job and play both the investigator’s role and the engineer’s role.

They help enforcement officers in finding out the cause of the accident or the car crash. They also do the job of finding out evidence by examining the car, etc.

To become a forensic engineer one must hold an engineering degree. After holding a bachelor’s degree one needs to earn a license and practice engineering. After this process, one can lead to becoming a forensic engineer.

Salary insights:

  • Forensic engineers with quite an experience earn $98,000
  • However, beginners earn $46,000
  1. Police officer:

Police officer’s duty is to protect the lives and property of the community. They undergo police training in the police academy for protecting the lives of the people, property of the community.

They train themselves mentally and physically. Their job is critical which requires strength training. They go through stresses and frustrations and so to maintain such aspects they undergo certain training procedures.

These officers are the first-line supervisors or defense again criminal activities. They protect the law of the nation, the country, and the community.

They do the job of investigation, punishing the guilty, preventing crimes, and conviction of criminal offenders.

A bachelor’s or associate’s degree is all you can earn to become a police officer.

  • The average salary of a police officer is $63,380
  • The highest-paid salary is $106,090
  1. Crime intelligent analyst:

Crime intelligence analyst helps law enforcement officers with their work of responsibility. They find out information through calls, incidents, and visiting places. They gather all the information to provide it to officers.

They do the role of predicting crimes. Their predictions help law enforcement officers to prevent such crimes. To become a crime intelligence analyst you must at least hold a certification in criminal intelligence analyses.

Through such courses, you can learn and experience practically. However, a bachelor’s degree in the related field would be much better.

Salary insights:

  • The median salary of a crime intelligence analyst is $65,463.

Basically, criminology degree has a good career opportunity for any person who hold it, and be paid a good amount of salary as well. All the above 9 mentioned fields are the highest paid career opportunity in criminology so, you may go for the one that suits you the best.