12 Top Credit Repair Courses Online – Updated [May 2023]

Credit Repair Courses Online

Credit repair: The 2023 Total Guide to a great credit score- Udemy

Craig Randall, a best-selling book and credit repair specialist, offers a clear and approachable method for swiftly and accurately repairing your credit in this Udemy course on the subject. Within an hour of starting the course, you may begin rebuilding your credit thanks to the step-by-step instructions and real-world examples. The information is current with regard to 2023’s tools, techniques, and standards. To assist you navigate the journey without making mistakes, the course contains helpful visuals including screenshots, photos, and diagrams. Additionally, you’ll discover how to handle particular credit problems including medical bills, late payments, foreclosures, and bankruptcy. The training also places a strong emphasis on creating sound financial practices that will enhance your credit for the rest of your life.

Course Highlight-

  • Elevate credit status and credit score fast and effectively.
  • Understand how financial decisions and actions affect the credit score.

Course Duration-  3 Hours 11 mins

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Credit Repair: The 2023 Total Guide to a Great Credit Score | Udemy

Credit repair from A-Z with letter templates

This program offers an honors class on credit rehabilitation and is offered by a business that is owned and operated by cops. It strives to combat false promises made by other businesses that damage the reputation of the sector and deliver the whole truth about credit restoration. Participants should anticipate straightforward instruction that includes all necessary documents and supporting documentation. Throughout the credit restoration procedure, the business provides unlimited email help, direction, and answers to queries. Participants can email ejsmpd@gmail.com with any questions, concerns, or requests for templates. The workshop seeks to inform participants about credit repair and give them the tools they need to manage their credit.

Course Highlight-

  • This course will teach you the absolute truth about credit repair. The instructor is a retired Police Sergeant.
  • Does Credit Repair really work
  • How to challenge negative items with the 3 credit bureaus
  • Checking your credit and coming up with a plan
  • Late payments, E-Oscar system and Goodwill letters
  • Charge-offs. Collections and Cease phone calls
  • Chex System
  • Removing Bankruptcy
  • Evictions
  • Hippa, Hard inquiries and soft inquiries
  • Stall tactics by the credit bureaus
  • How to improve your score

Course Duration- 2 hours

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Credit Repair from A-Z with Letter Templates | Udemy

Free Credit repair training (Start up credit repair business)

This course contains all you need if you’re willing to take advantage of free training to learn how to fix and raise your credit score. Numerous free training courses on raising your credit score are available from Startup Credit. On the platform, there are two different types of free training that are divided up into many areas, including The Dispute Process, Legal and Contracts, Client Management, Credit Repair Meetings, and more. Each of these categories has been created with the end-user’s needs in mind so they can select a module that is most convenient for them. In addition, you’ll get access to free advice and tactics for restoring a damaged credit score.

Course Highlight-

  • Get a seasoned understanding of all the functioning aspects of the business with a step-by-step approach and tips.
  • Know about the intricacies involved in credit disputing to understand how you can read a report efficiently.
  • Understand how and why a business owner should have their website set up first for credit score before any other thing.
  • Get access to more than 70 HD training videos that are crafted to explain every process in detail to meet all your credit repair needs.
  • Get assistance from a team of skilled professionals and special guest speakers who are well knowledgeable about the working of the industry.

 Course Duration– Self paced

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Credit repair Business Training and certificate- American Credit Repair Academy

This program is ideal if you want to start your own credit repair business and are interested in receiving professional credit repair training. This training, developed by finance professionals at American Credit Repair Academy, will lead you on a learning trip to comprehend the numerous facets of repairing and raising credit scores. You will gain access to the exclusive credit repair cloud community, three credit repair training certificates, a 14-day credit hero challenge, and more with this program. You’ll be able to manage and expand a successful credit repair firm once you’ve finished your training.

Course Highlight-

  •  Learn about the basic concepts of credit repair with an overview of the complexities involved in repairing and improving credit scores.
  • – Know the legal ways of removing difficult items from credit reports and how to work with clients who have a bankruptcy, collections, and other issues.
  • – Learn how to bootstrap a business on a budget, get a lot of clients without paying for advertising, and more.
  • – Gain knowledge of practical tips and tricks to grow a highly profitable, recurring-revenue business.
  • – Avail 30-days money-back guarantee if you don’t find the course useful.

Course Duration- Self paced

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Credit Repair Business Training (americancreditrepairacademy.com)

Understanding and managing your credit- Universal Class

This course is a great choice if you want to understand how managing your credit score involves changing the way you conduct your life. The course comes with numerous recorded videos that go into great detail about everything credit-related. You’ll discover things like what credit is, how credit scores are calculated, what credit cards are, how to create your own budget and much more. The training is created by knowledgeable experts with years of experience maintaining and raising the credit ratings of various people. As a result, every lesson you take during the program will immerse you in the material.

Course Highlight-

  •  Step-by-step course prepared to help you understand the process of creating, repairing and improving your credit score.
  • Cover multiple topics throughout the classes, such as how a credit score is affected, foreclosure, bankruptcy, debt to income ratio, debt spiral, and more.
  • Learn how to find your debt counseling and debt consolidation while understanding how to stay on track in managing your expenses.
  • Included 15 lessons, 31 exams and assignments, graded quizzes, and continuous assistance from the instructors.

Course Duration- self-paced

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Online Course: Credit Report and Repair – CEU Certificate (universalclass.com)

Fundamentals of Credit Management- Alison

The goal of this credit management training is to help credit managers assess borrowers and set realistic repayment terms. It covers the essentials of managing credit, such as evaluating a borrower’s qualifications, personality, and ability to pay back. An examination of the credit officer’s role is done with a focus on data analysis, due diligence, and risk assessment. There is a discussion of lending concepts, banking risks, and various borrowers. Working capital loans, operating cycles, ratios (such as turnover, solvency, and profitability ratios), and debt service coverage ratios are also covered in depth throughout the course. Cash flow can be improved and late payments can be reduced with good credit management. Participants in this course can pick up useful skills that will help them progress their careers and assist their organizations.

Course Highlight-

  • Explain the principles of lending in businesses
  • Discuss the principles of ‘risk spread’
  • State the importance of timely repayment of loans
  • State the circumstances that lead to the dissolving of the partnership firm
  • Identify the various components of the financial statement
  • Discuss the primary purpose of the income statement
  • Recall the formulas for calculating quick assets and net working capital
  • Discuss the principles of the working capital loan system
  • Distinguish between the gross and net operating cycle
  • Define the term ‘liquid surplus’ as used in computing working capital

Course Duration-  3 hours

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Fundamentals of Credit Management | Free Online Course | Alison

Credit repair Cloud masterclass

This course will teach you useful techniques from an expert who will also show you how to find clients within a day. Even if you have no prior experience, you will discover ways to draw in paying consumers. The training will show you how to use Credit Repair Cloud’s Dispute Process Blueprint methodically to get the best outcomes. You’ll learn how to expand your company without using paid advertising, as well as how to attract new customers. You may improve your credit repair business and succeed by learning these strategies.

Course Highlight-

  • No prior knowledge is necessary
  • Information-packed course (67 lessons)
  • Presented by the Credit Repair Cloud CEO, who has made appearances on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Inc. 5000
  • It comes with Credit Repair Cloud’s Dispute Process Blueprint
  • 100% free

Course Duration- Self paced

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DIY Credit Repair Guide: Fix Your Credit Score By Yourself In 2023 (eddyballe.com)

Online Credit Repair Classes- Skillshare

This training will teach you practical skills from a professional who will also demonstrate how to obtain clients quickly. Despite your lack of experience, you will learn how to attract paying customers. The training will demonstrate how to carefully apply Credit Repair Cloud’s Dispute Process Blueprint to achieve the best results. You’ll discover how to grow your business without spending money on advertising as well as how to draw in new clients. By mastering these tactics, you can enhance your credit repair firm and achieve success.

Course Highlight-

  • How to repair credit for yourself and others
  • Working with clients dealing with collections, bankruptcy, and other issues
  • Starting your profitable business from home
  • Advanced tactics to better credit score
  • Fundamentals of credit repair
  • Bootstrapping a business on a budget
  • Legal ways to overcome difficult items from credit reports
  • Getting clients without advertising too much
  • Tips for growing a highly profitable, recurring-revenue business

Course Duration- Self paced

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Credit Repair Classes Online | Skillshare

Boost method

The BOOST approach is a brand-new 5-stage procedure created to assist you in producing additional high-quality disputes to submit to the credit bureaus and collection agencies. You will also discover the right technique to establish credit with each of the three credit bureaus. This course was created using knowledge learned through instruction and Will be attended by professionals in the credit repair industry, as well as staff of the credit bureaus and FICO. Not to mention his seven years of professional experience as a credit repair specialist, which he put to work on hundreds of clients. While you are working on your credit, the course is surprisingly simple to understand and use even though you will uncover a lot of material from advanced sources.

Course Highlight –

  • B – Building Credit- Learn how to use the most effective types of accounts to build credit.
  • O – Outline Credit Reports- Learn best places to get your credit reports & accurate scores, how to understand your reports, and set credit goals based on lender needs.
  • O – Offset Bad Accounts- Learn how to create dispute letters with quality dispute reasons to challenge inaccurate, unverifiable, and untimely information on your reports.
  • S – Stabilising- Learn how to stabilise your credit score when you’re past due or have high balances.
  • T – seTtle Accounts- Learn methods for debt cancellation, settlement, and pay for deletion.

Course Duration – 3 hours 27 mins

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BOOST Method Course | William Frazier | Skillshare

Build Better Credit- The ultimate credit score repair guide

This credit repair course is of the highest calibre and is simple to understand. The lecturer keeps things simple and to the point throughout this training. This course is up to date with the rules that are currently in effect and contains no filler.

In this course, your instructor will provide you with all the resources used by professionals to check their credit ratings. Consequently, it is a thorough toolkit to assist you in learning all conceivably needed for a speedy credit repair.

Course Highlight-

  • This could be one of the best credit repair certification programs to demystify the credit myths one should never believe.
  • Building credit the right way before taking a loan or buying a home
  • How credit scores drop, and ways to prevent it
  • Whether you must settle an old debt or pay it in full
  • Best ways to handle accidental late payments
  • Tips to stay safe from zombie collectors when in debt.
  • Using the statute of limitations to shield your finances
  • Understanding how creditors evaluate you
  • Truths and myths around the credit score
  • How credit scores drop unexpectedly, and ways to prevent it
  • Using the statute of limitations to shield your finances

Course Duration – 2 hours 25 mins

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Build Better Credit–The Ultimate Credit Score Repair Guide | Udemy

Credit repair for beginners| Basics of credit repairing

This credit course for beginners provides a basic introduction to credit and credit management. It addresses important issues such as knowing credit scores, distinguishing between secured and unsecured loans, monitoring credit utilisation, and loan application procedures. Students will learn how to establish and maintain good credit, use credit responsibly, create an effective budget, and protect their identities. Understanding loan types, interest rates, repayment terms, and how to avoid common credit application errors are all covered in the course. By the end of the course, students will have a firm foundation in credit knowledge, empowering them to make wise decisions and responsibly handle credit. For newbies seeking a thorough understanding of credit principles, this succinct course is perfect.

Course Highlight-

  • Learners will be able to fully understand what is credit.
  • Learners will be able to identify the different types of credit, their associated risks and benefits, and how to choose the best option for their personal fi
  • Learners will understand the basics of credit scores and be able to determine their current credit score.
  • Learners will be able to accurately read credit reports and identify and address any errors or issues.

Course Duration- 1 hour 14 mins

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Credit Repair For Beginners | Basics Of Credit Repair | Udemy

Ultimate Credit repair

A course titled “Ultimate Credit Repair: How to Obtain Great Credit” was created especially for people with bad credit. It provides resources for credit rehabilitation and financial freedom, providing a solution for individuals who feel helpless. This course gives you the tools to get rid of inaccurate information, regardless of the unfavorable events that have occurred and appeared on your credit report. Students will learn how to quickly create or repair great credit, as well as how to comprehend credit reports and score tables. You may successfully repair your credit and even save hundreds of dollars in interest payments if you have a plan in place. Negotiation techniques are also taught in order to minimise debt payments. Pen, paper, and a calculator are the absolute minimum needs. A transforming journey towards a better life begins with this course.

Course Highlight-

  • Establish and maintain great credit in the shortest amount of time
  • Know how to follow an easy plan to build and repair credit
  • Interpret information on your credit report in its entirety
  • Know how to save huge sums of money in lower interest payment
  • Negotiate lower payments with creditors as settlement
  • Know how to take control and utilise strategies to repair credit
  • Read and interpret the four sections of the credit report
  • Analyse the difference between valid and disputable debts
  • Be able to construct a Debt/Bills Inventory Table

Course Duration- 53 mins

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Ultimate Credit Repair | Udemy