Career As a Computer System Analyst – 2023 Career Guide

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We are often confused about certain fields. What to choose or which one to go with. A lot of times we choose a wrong path because of lack of knowledge in that field.

Before you choose to become a computer system analyst you must know who are they and what duties they perform.

There’s a huge difference between a business analyst and a computer system analyst, and we often confuse between them. If you are opting to become a computer system analyst you need to know what actually system analysts do.

A computer system analyst is a person who is more focused on the organisation’s system. They keep themselves updated about the systems used in the company. They take technical considerations for bettering the work done by the company.

If in any case the system is stopping the organization in its production or work is not being done as expected, system analysts analyses the system and launches appropriate software for the same.

It surely takes a period of time for the system to get adjusted. All the employees and workers are been taught of how to use the new system. The computer system analysts themselves analyses the new system before putting it forth in action and experiences the whether it’s giving better outcome.

On the other hand, Business analysts are more focused on meeting the objectives of the business, its contexts and motives. Its work is far different from that of Computer system analysts.

A computer system analyst studies the current computer system of the company. To meet the objectives of the business, they find a technical solution for the company to operate more efficiently.

They also keep updated technical teams so as to make them understand the computer system in order to get a better outcome.

These people are the one who find out why the system is failing and what changes require to improve the system. They thoroughly understand and rebuild the system for the organisation to operate efficiently. They work most with the higher authorities and technical teams.

They collaborate with UXD (user experience designer) and QST (quality assurance testers). All of them together help an organisation work smoothly by understanding the nature of the system and providing a technical design for it to work effectively.

Before the programs have been written they take help of the data modelling to design a system for them to be updated about data flows. They take tests after the programs have been written to know how the systems can be improved and put forward efficiently.

They make documents for the technical teams on how the system is doing right now and what needs to be changed, improved and understood for rebuilding a system. Their analyses are considered as the final documentations on what and how a system is doing. They often work overtime for bettering the organisations system.

The duties performed by the Computer System Analysts:

  • Consult with clients regarding the operating of organisation or the company weather it is working as expected.
  • Look forward to needs of the IT department in case of the company.
  • Researches new technology and data base.
  • Analyses the current system, its efficiency, duration and how much does the system provides for a particular period of time.
  • Evaluates new technology.
  • Analyses how much will it cost and if beneficial or not.
  • They create technical designs, test them and add new system in the company.
  • Later on train users so as the company to be operated efficiently.

Skills required to be a Computer System Analyst

  • Think wisely: A system analyst should study the system thoroughly. Its drawbacks and good points to rebuild a better system.
  • Problem solving: Problem solving is an important skill required to be a system analyst. The organisation will expect you to improve their efficiency. You need to analyse their current system, create documentations and technical designs.
  • Communication: You need to be aware of organisations need. A system analyst is an active listener who listens to the requirements, needs of the clients and colleagues.
  • Programming and writing: Documentation and written programs are required for rebuilding a system. Programming is another important requirement of an analyst.

What are the requirements for becoming a Computer System Analyst?

Bachelor’s degree: The very first step to become a system analyst is you need to hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science or the field required for becoming a system analyst.

Data base course: In case you are going for a bachelor’s degree, this course will be included. In case you are not going for bachelor’s degree, do an open course or a course through institutes, websites offering certification or diploma.

Database design teaches one on how to administer and manage database. It provides understanding of different languages used in database.

Internship/experience: Get an experience in system analyst field to showcase on your resume. Experience let you become a better person in the required field than a person with only education.

Master’s degree: For an advanced skilled system analyst you can look forward to master’s degree which will improve your understanding, and analyzing skills better.

Courses and Learning Resources:

  • Database management
  • Network communications
  • IT security
  • Project modelling and management
  • Systems development

Above are the topics you need to be skilled at. There are no specific courses to system analyst. At most you need to have a bachelor’s degree through any institute that offers the best. And for advanced you can go for master’s degree which is perfectly optional. But these topics make you a great system analyst.

However there are books that you can refer for better learning.

  1. Database Design for Mere Mortals: A Hands-On Guide to Relational Database Design:
  • Author-  Michael J
  • There are three editions to this book which might help you know database design in detail.
  1. Communication Network by Wi Leon-Garcia: Price $60
  • Chapters included
    1 Communication Networks and Services
    2 Applications and Layered Architectures
    3 Digital Transmission Fundamentals
    4 Circuit-Switching Networks
    5 Peer-to-Peer Protocols and Data Link Layer
    6 Medium Access Control Protocols and Local Area Networks
    7 Packet-Switching Networks
    8 TCP/IP
    9 ATM Networks
    10 Advanced Network Architectures
    11 Security Protocols
    12 Multimedia Information

There are not really books related to system analysts. Most of them are outdated. These two are helpful as they hold verified reviews for you to have better learning experience.

Scope and salary of computer system analysts:

System analysts are highly paid. However, you need to fulfil the requirements. You must be highly skilled and work tirelessly. Analysts are required to work overtime, long hours and create programs.

Besides this, computer system analysts can get hired by any company for every company today needs one. They are paid efficiently.

They work to solve their clients and colleagues problems. System analysts listen to needs of the organization and work on to achieve them.

According to PayScale, computer system analyst makes at highest $90,000 whereas at lowest a system analyst makes $45,000.

An average salary of a system analyst is $69,000.

Well, just remember that without a computer system analyst, the organizations are dull and empty. Their growth, productivity and efficiency depends on the work done by analysts so you know how many opportunities you will get if you choose this as your career. Have a good day.