Best Free Online Courses in Computer Science

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Free Computer Science Courses 


If you want to add an additional certificate in your CV from world best universities without even paying a penny then here is your chance.

The famous MOOC platforms such as Coursera, EdX, Udacity, etc. are providing Free Computer Science Courses for you from the best universities in the world so that education can go beyond the territories. And learners from far away places can also easily take advantage of getting the experience of learning by the best Professors of particular areas.

In order to save your time and energy we have enlisted the best 9 Free Computer Science Courses from top most universities. These courses will definitely play a great role in the enhancement of your computational skills as well as make your CV more attractive.


Here some top-rated courses from various universities are enlisted below where you can choose according to your level of learning:


For Beginners

  • An introduction to interactive programming in Python (Part 1)
  • CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science
  • Computer Science 101

For Intermediate Learners

  • Using Databases with Python
  • Machine Learning 
  • Introduction to Game Development

For Advanced Learners

  • Fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning
  • Advanced Operating System 
  • Computer Simulations

Free Computer Science Courses for Beginners: 


  • An introduction to interactive programming in Python (Part 1)


If you don’t have any prior experience but still have an interest in programming so for you Coursera has brought a good as well as free first part of this course for beginners from Rice University which gives you an excellent start.

These days Python is known as a popular and easy to learn language that has an important role in the programming domain. This course offers basic elements of Python programming namely expressions, conditionals, and functions and through these elements you will learn to build simple interactive applications.

The course is in the English language but subtitles for lectures and videos are available in many languages so that students easily understand and learn better.

This 5 weeks long course, where you have to invest 7 to 10 hours per week will give you great hold in programming principles, Computer Programming, Python syntax and semantics, and Python programming. 

At the end of the course you have to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding by recreating the classic arcade game “Pong” or creating any other simple application like a Digital Stopwatch. 


  • CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science


EdX has provided one of the most popular online Computer Science courses for beginners from Harvard University at free of cost. This course acts as a basic and fundamental for the programming field. This course helps learners to think algorithmically and solve problems smoothly. To make you familiar with basics It includes a whole range of topics in its syllabus such as, algorithms, data structures, abstraction, encapsulation, security, resource management, software engineering, and web development.

It also imparts good knowledge of languages including C, HTML, Python, SQL, and JavaScript plus CSS. This course also deals with Problem sets replicating real-world domains of finance, biology, cryptography, forensics, and gaming.

This 12 weeks long course offers good Computational knowledge and programming understanding.

In this self-paced course, you have to score good in programming assignments and final projects to earn the certificate. 


  • Computer Science 101


Here Stanford University offers a well-known Computer Science course via EdX for learners having no prior experience in this area. By devoting 4-6 hours per week you will get a chance to explore all the concepts which apparently seem very difficult for the beginners but easy in reality.

This completely free 6 weeks self-pace course starts with the basic definition and explanation of the topics like what is Computer, Internet, hardware, software, Computer jargon, security devices, etc. As you go further it will make you more acquainted with Computer codes and the best thing about it is that you don’t need to download any software for this, everything will be done through the browser only.

At the end of the course, Learners display their present knowledge by experimenting with short bits of “computer code” to make their knowledge more concrete.

Online lectures and transcripts are provided only in English by Stanford’s professionals. 


Free Computer Science Courses for Intermediate learners 


  • Using Databases with Python


University of  Michigan offers the top-rated course in Computer Programming through Coursera for learners who have already done some basic Python courses. So here under the guidance of University’s experts they can learn new skills and polish the existing ones in order to achieve the course’s objectives.

This 5 weeks long course will cover Chapters 14-15 of the book “Python for Everybody”. Here your knowledge of chapters 1-13 of the textbook is needed for better understanding of this course.

This certification course introduces learners to the basics of Python, Structured Query Language (SQL) and  database design which includes stages like multi-step data gathering, data storing, analysing and processing. In addition, it also helps you build web crawlers for utilizing the Google Maps API to visualize data. 


  • Machine Learning 

Another course from Stanford via Coursera for intermediate learners is Machine Learning. Machine learning is a type of computer science course where you don’t have to give explicit instructions to your program to work. Because the instructional programming has been done beforehand on which devices function and Robot is the most common example of this.

Here in this course you will learn about techniques of Machine Learning and the processes through which these techniques can be implemented for the formation of actual Machine Learning programs. The best thing about This 11 weeks long course is that it not only provides theoretical knowledge but also lets you learn practical knowledge by programming your own final project. 

In this course By investing 5-7 hours in a week you achieve mastery in Machine Learning, Machine Learning Algorithms, Logistic Regression and Artificial Neural Network without even paying. 

Though the lectures are in English but subtitles and transcripts are available in English, Chinese, Hebrew, Spanish, Hindi, and Japanese for making learning more convenient for learners. 


  • Introduction to Game Development


Coursera brings a new course from University of Michigan for game lovers. If you have interest in games and want to learn how to make them, then this course is definitely for you. 

This 4 weeks course will impart good knowledge of Video Game Development tools, C#, Unity 3D game engine and Game Designs. This course also offers a flexible timeline so that you can practice at your own pace to bring out better results in the process of video game development. At the end of the course you have to complete three hands-on projects where you have incorporated all related elements of game development to show your expertize in this field.

This course lets you blend your creative potentials with technical assistance to develop a game to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding through hand on model. This course even expands the scope for the learners to become a professional game designer, game artist, or game programmer. 


Free Computer Science Courses for Advanced learners: 


  • Fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning


This course is offered by University of Alberta via Coursera for advanced learners who have good amounts of knowledge in Computer Programming. Reinforcement Learning is a subfield of Machine Learning, which facilitates automatized decision-making.

This course covers components like Reinforcement Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Intelligent Systems, Function Approximation which increase statistical and technical knowledge and helps the agents to take explicit actions for interacting with the world. 

As the demand for intelligent decision making and interactive agents for companies or in the industrial field have increased, this course makes learners proficient enough to understand what kind of challenges faced by the agents during decision making. 


Moreover this 4 weeks course provides you a detailed account of Markov Decision Processes along with basic exploration methods and tools for better understanding of decision-making process. And By implementation of acquired knowledge you can efficiently solve interactive decision making  problems. 


  • Advanced Operating System 

Georgia Institute of Technology offers a free Advanced Operating System Course via Udacity for advanced learners. An operating system is a software which regulates all the basic tasks of a computer. This course entails a journey regarding the role played by the Operating System in order to provide rich experience to the users through computers.

This course offers a whole range of forms of Operating System existing at present such as cell phones, multi-core, distributed systems, parallel systems, and cloud computing.

The content list of this course covers topics: Abstractions, OS Structure, Virtualization, Parallelism, Distributed Systems, Distributed Object Technology, Design and Implementation of Distributed Services, System Recovery, Internet Scale Computing, Real-Time and Multimedia and Security. 

This short term course of 5 weeks will touch all the areas of Operating systems to present this course as a wholesome pack which facilitates better understanding of the learners.–ud189?coupon=UDACAFFIL2020&cjevent=fa05ddbf824611ea829102e70a18050c 


  • Computer Simulations


University of California offers a Computer Simulations course via Coursera. This is a unique sort of course which integrates computer science with social science.

This course provides basic computational simulation knowledge and lets you implement the knowledge by using computational tools to build an artificial society where you locate problems and then try to find effective solutions. Though this stimulation Programming is more like video game programming and here even without changing anything in the real world, computer simulations allow us to explore and find out how to make the world a better place.

In this 4 weeks course learners learn by developing models on the basis of Computational simulations where hypothetical models combine with real world data.

And by replicating society in this way it becomes convenient for analysing problems and it also gives an concrete idea how to eradicate the problem by using effective majors. 


All the above courses have been chosen for this list on the basis of their popularity and rating, so that we can serve the best opportunities available out there for the learners. Though these courses are available free but it does not mean that they are any lesser than the paid ones. Many of the above courses are compulsory for Computer Science students in their respective universities. 

So these MOOC platforms really help students of different fields to achieve quality education as well as getting tempting certificates, which ultimately makes their CVs attractive.

Computers form the backbone of our society today. While developed countries are nearing automation in every imaginable sector, developing countries are fast catching up.

The demand for knowledge and practical skills in computer science will only increase with the passage of time. There are also a wide variety of specializations in this field, and thus there is something for everyone. 

Ironically enough, the computer revolution has also changed the way education is provided and received. Today, there are so many new ways of learning which were quite unimaginable even thirty years ago. 

Computers have made it possible to bring close to realization the dream of free education for everyone. Today, it is possible for a student to learn at his own pace and manage his time better.

Earlier, education used to be the privilege of a select few who could dedicate the time and resources consistently.

Now, education can be provided by some of the most prestigious universities in world to students in any corner of the globe.

There are several online learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, MIT Open Course Ware etc. which fulfill these needs. Keeping this in mind, today we focus on some online computer science courses.

These Best Free Online Courses in Computer Science have been selected keeping the following parameters in mind:

1. Credibility of the teacher/institution

2. Levels – laymen to expert

3. Resources available to the student – study materials, after course updates, interaction with teachers/fellow students.

4. Reviews of previous students

5. Financial aid (whether available)

So let’s get started!

Harvard Extension School – Intensive Introduction to Computer Science Open Learning Course.

Salient features of this course are:

The course is completely free and delivery is online based.

It is offered as a series of lecture videos, which were recorded at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

The course begins with the introduction to computer science, and then covers a wide array of allied topics such as algorithms, software development, computer architecture and real world applications.

A trailer is included for the student’s benefit.

The teacher is a professor of Harvard University, and has received several awards for excellence.


Stanford School of Engineering – Computer Science 101

Why this Stanford Course?

The course is completely free and delivery is online based.

It is designed for students who like to proceed at their own pace. This helps to juggle work and education priorities.

The course targets an audience with zero prior knowledge of computer science. By simplifying complex concepts, the course enables a more practical approach.

The requirements from student’s side are minimal – a computer/laptop, a web browser and an internet connection.

As a bonus, the basics of coding are covered.

The teacher is a Stanford University professor.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Introduction to Computer Science and Programming using Python

Features of this course are:

One of the top fifty courses offered by MIT.

It is an online course and completely free.

The student needs to devote 14-16 hours per week for nine weeks. It is not a self paced course.

The course consists of two parts – Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python followed by Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science.

The USP is the focus on teaching complete newcomers how to think and use this knowledge to put together unique solutions to problems.

The student is taught how to use a computer to get maximum benefit. There is excellent emphasis on practical application.

The course offers and excellent exposure to many different topics in computer science and their applications. The breadth of this course is remarkable.

A trailer is included for the student’s benefit.


University of Virginia – Intro to Computer Science

Salient features are:

It is an online course and completely free.

The student must dedicate twelve weeks. The course is self paced.

The USP is using Python programming language to build web applications such as social networks, search engines and browser. The emphasis is more on web based content.

This is a beginner level course, and an intermediate level course follows this one.

The focus is on problem solving using computer science concepts.

Students are provided a lot of exposure to specialized fields like software engineering so that they can make their own choices about future career paths.

Visit ––udcs101-india

Kurt Anderson at Udemy – Computer Science 101: Master the Theory Behind Programming

A paid course but I am forced to include because it offers great value, some of them are:

It is an online based course.

The student can take the course at his/her own pace.

The course will cost you $11, Udemy is good at giving daily discounts to everyone.

In total there are seventy three lectures spread over approximately eight hours.

This course focuses on learning in depth rather than merely depth.

The emphasis is one learning the programming basics in a way that any programming language can be picked up and applied with ease.

Coding and problem solving are covered in detail.

Beginners will have no problems as the course starts with fundamentals.

There is a one hundred percent thirty day money back guarantee.

This is a bestselling course and has attracted high reviews from previous students.

Visit –

These are some of the courses which teach a basic understanding of computer science. Some other specialized resources are as follows:

These should be opted for only when the student has an already strong base in the fundamentals of computer science.

Some courses will also require a strong base in programming, physics, advanced mathematics or statistics, coding and even robotics.

Students should satisfy themselves as to the prerequisites before applying for any course. Also, some courses, most notably on Coursera, offer financial aid.

Students should check if they are eligible for such aid and take advantage of the same.

Happy Learning!