The Computer Organization and Design Fundamentals by David L. Tarnoff

The Computer Organization and Design Fundamentals

Title: The Computer Organization and Design Fundamentals

Author: David L. Tarnoff

License: N/A

Book Description:

The Computer Organization and Design Fundamentals book by David L. Tarnoff is a computer organization textbook compiled for students who major in computer science and want to study the subject without the background of computers at the transistor level.

This book was compiled from notes and ideas shared on the internet by an electrical engineering professional to provide, readable, high-quality information to commuter students.

The book distills uncertainties around computer sciences and provides topics that should be top-of-mind. It lays out information in a way that readers easily grasp the concept of computer organization.

This textbook address topics such as such as analog-to-digital conversion, CRC’s, and memory organization using practical terms and examples instead of the conventional theoretical or technical approaches favored by engineers.

The book is well structured and has real-life examples, it also has some useful concepts which are applicable to both hardware and software providing allowance for improved system performance. The context of the book gives the reader lots of challenging questions, some useful advice, and endless possibilities.

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