Computer Algorithms by Horowitz, Sahni

Computer Algorithms by Horowitz Sahni

Title: Fundamentals of Computer Algorithms

Author: Ellis Horowitz, Sartaj Sahni, S Rajasekaran

Book Description:

When we count contribution of computer science to the world,  we can not miss the concept of algorithm. It has given computer science a right direction to grow and follow, today almost in every field, from minor to major, algorithms is acting like boss. The better the algorithms, better the efficiency is, that’s why every concerned organization look for the best algorithms to manage their operations.

Computer Algorithms by Horowitz and Sahni teaches you almost all tools of algorithms, design techniques, functions and how to create great algorithms. One example of algorithms technique is linear programming, which is one of the most successful techniques has been discussed in this book.

Another great feature of this book is it covers the area of randomized algorithms effectively. This book is targeted to undergraduate and graduate students of computer science, knowledge of one object oriented programming and data structures will be great before going through this book.

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