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Civil engineering is the process of designing and constructing building, bridges, hospitals, etc. Civil engineering focuses on the designing and construction of infrastructure.

This department also focuses on public and environmental health issues. It protects the public and environment health to encourage a better life. Moreover, they also improve the existing infrastructure.

A civil engineer designs, constructs, operates and maintains public and private sector infrastructures. These infrastructures may include hospitals, schools, institutions, bridges, etc. Their work includes repairing and improving the infrastructures as well.

Civil engineers analyze, research, check on reports and other sources to create a new based project for the public or the private sector. They have critical work to do. Moreover, they need to report the project processes to the federal agencies, local and state agencies to approve whether it is up to the guidelines or not.

What are the core subjects in the civil engineering department?

A survey in civil engineering

– Surveying Fundamentals and Practices – Jerry A. Nathanson M.S. P.E., Michael Lanzafama P.E. P.L.S. P.P., Philip Kissam Late Professor Emeritus.

– Building pathology principles and practice

– Surveying for construction William Hyslop Irvine

– Construction surveying and layout

– Construction staking step by step guide

Strength of materials or solid mechanics

– Strength of Materials Vol. I by S P Timonshenko

– Strength of Materials Vol.II by S P Timonshenko

– Theory of Elasticity by S P Timonshenko and J N Goodier

– Engineering Mechanics of Solids by Egor P Popov

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– Advanced Mechanics of Solids” by Srinath L N

Building material and construction technology

– Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials and Methods 6th Edition

– Fundamentals of Residential Construction, 4th Edition by Edward Ellen

– Architectural Design with SketchUp: 3D Modeling, Extensions, BIM, Rendering, Making, and Scripting, 2nd Edition

– Bio-Based Composites for High-Performance Materials: From Strategy to Industrial Application

– Without a Hitch – New Directions in Prefabricated Architecture

Geology in civil engineering

– Geology for Civil Engineers, Second Edition 2nd Edition by C. Grible

– Engineering Geology for Civil Engineers Paperback – by Varghese P.C

– Engineering Geology Paperback – 2017 by D.V Reddy

– Phi Learning Engineering Geology For Civil Engineers

– Physical and Engineering Geology Paperback – 1983 by Santosh Kumar Garg

Concrete technology in civil engineering

– Concrete Technology by A.R.Santhakumar

– Design of concrete structures

– Laboratory manual on concrete technology

– Chemistry of cement and concrete

– Properties of concrete by A M Neville

Structural analysis

– Introduction to matrix methods of structural analysis

– Matrix analysis of structural analyses

– Structural analysis and selected topics

– Mechanics of textiles and laminated composites

– Structural analysis

The building, planning, and drawing

– Building construction book by Rangwala

– Building planning and drawing by SP Deshpande

– McGraw hill building drawing 5E/D

– Civil engineering drawing and house planning by B.P Verma

– Building planning and drawing 8E

– Designing and drawing of RCC structures

– Structural design and drawing by Krishna Raju

– R.C.C. Design & Drawing Paperback – 2013 by Neelam Sharma (Author)

– Design of Reinforced Concrete Structure Paperback – by P Dayaratnam (Author), P Sarah (Author)

– Structural Design and Drawing Vol. II: Concrete Structures Paperback – 2018 by Krishnamurthy D (Author)

– Understanding Concepts of Structural Analysis and Design PB Paperback – 2012 by Janak P. Parikh (Author)

Geotechnical and foundation engineering

– Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering, 5/e PB Paperback – 2007 by Subhash Chander (Author)

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– Soil Mechanics And Foundation Engineering Paperback – 2009 by K R Arora (Author)


– Foundation Analysis and Design Paperback – 1 Jul 2017 by Joseph Bowles (Author)

Soil Mechanics and Foundations Paperback – 2017 by B.C. Punmia  (Author), Ashok Kumar Jain (Author),

Hydrology and irrigation in civil engineering

– Irrigation Engineering (Including Hydrology) Paperback – Jan 2002 by RK Sharma (Author)

– Irrigation Engineering Paperback – 1 Jul 2017 by N N Basak (Author)

– Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering Paperback – 1 Jan 2005 by G.L. Asawa (Author)

– Engineering Hydrology Paperback – 2016 by Goyal Manish Kumar (Author)

– A Textbook of Irrigation Engineering Paperback – 2013 by S.R. Sahasrabudhe (Author)

Transport engineering

– Transportation Engineering Paperback – 2013 by A.K. Upadhyay (Author)

– A Textbook of Transportation Engineering Paperback – Jan 2016 by S P Chandola (Author)

– Traffic & Highway Engineering with MindTap Paperback – 2015 by Nicholas J. Garber (Author)

– Introduction to Traffic Engineering Paperback – 2018 by R Srinivasa Kumar (Author)

– A Text Book Of Railway Engineering Paperback – 2010 by S.C. Saxena (Author), S.P.Arora (Author)

– Design and drawing of steel structure

– Structural Design & Drawing Paperback – 2009 by Krishna Raju (Author)

– Design of Steel Structures: Oxford Higher Education (Old Edition) Paperback – 19 May 2008 by N. Subramanian  (Author)

– Steel Structures: Design and Practice Paperback – 27 Aug 2010 by N. Subramanian  (Author)

– Engineering Drawing Paperback – 12 Jun 2015 by N.S. Parthasarathy (Author), Vela Murali (Author)

– Structural Design And Drawing Vol. II: Concrete Structures Paperback – 2018 by Krishnamurthy D (Author)

– Estimation and evaluation in civil engineering

– Civil Engineering Contracts & Estimates Paperback – 2015 by B.S. Patil (Author)

– A Textbook of – Estimating and Costing (Civil) Paperback – Jan 2013 by D D Kohli (Author), R C Kohli (Author)

– Estimating, Costing And Valuation Book Paperback – 2017 by Rangwala (Author)

– Estimating and Tendering for Construction Work Paperback – Import, 22 Jul 2016 by Martin Brook  (Author)

– Civil Estimating & Costing: Including Quality Surveying, Tendering and Valuation Paperback – 2013 by A.K. Upadhyay (Author)

Air pollution and control in civil engineering

– Air Pollution and Control Engineering Paperback – 2019 by Rajni Kant (Author), Keshav Kant (Author)

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– Air Pollution Hardcover – 1 Jul 2017 by M Rao (Author), H.V.N. Rao (Author)

– Environmental Pollution Monitoring and Control Paperback – 1 Aug 2018 by S M Khopkar (Author)

– AMIE – Section – (B) Air Pollution and ITS Control ( CV- 423 ) Civil Engineering Solved and Unsolved Papers

– Air pollution and control engineering

Highway geometric design

– Principles, Practice and Design of Highway Engineering Paperback – 1 Jul 2014 by Sharma S.K. (Author)

– Textbook of Highway Engineering Paperback – 2011 by Srinivasa Kumar (Author)

– Highway Engineering Paperback – 2019 by L. R. Kadiyali (Author)

– Transportation Engineering: Vol. I Paperback – 2016 by Venkatramaiah C. (Author)

Environmental impact assessment

– Environmental Impact Assessment Paperback – Sep 2019 by S.R. Khandeshwar N.S. Raman, A.R. Gajbhiye (Author)

– Environmental Impact Assessment by Dr. N S Raman

– Environmental Impact Assessment  (English, Paperback, N.S. Raman, A.R. Gajbhiye, S.R. Khandeshwar)

– Environmental Pollution Monitoring and Control Paperback – 1 Aug 2018by S M Khopkar (Author)

– Environmental Geology: Ecology, Resource and Hazard Management Hardcover – 4 Jul 2013 by K.S. Valdiya (Author)

Computer-aided drawing

– Computer Aided Engineering Drawing Paperback – 8 Feb 2007 by S. Trymbaka Murthy (Author)

– Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Paperback – 2008 by Narayan (Author), K Lalit (Author)


– Engineering Drawing Paperback – 12 Jun 2015 by N.S. Parthasarathy (Author), Vela Murali (Author)

– A Textbook of Engineering Drawing (In First Angle Projection) Paperback – 1 Dec 2006 by Dr. RK Dahwan (Author)

Fluid mechanics

– Fluid Mechanics, SI Version, 7ed Paperback – 2015 by Munson (Author), Okiishi (Author), Huebsch (Author)

– A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics Paperback – 2019 by RK Rajput (Author)

– Fluid Mechanics, 5e Paperback – 2008 by Douglas (Author)

– Fluid Mechanics in SI Units Paperback – 20 Mar 2017 by R C Hibbeler  (Author)

– Fluid Mechanics Paperback – 2012 by Dr. D.S. Kumar  (Author)

Ground improvement techniques

– Ground Improvement Techniques Paperback – 30 Jun 2017 by Bikash Chandra Chattopadhyay (Author), Joyanta Maity (Author)


– An Introduction to Ground Improvement Engineering Paperback – 6 Jul 2013 by Satyendra Mittal (Author)

– Principles and Practice of Ground Improvement Paperback – 2018 by Jie Han (Author, Translator)

– Ground improvement techniques by Purushothama Raj

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