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Computer Science Concepts in Scratch

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Title: Computer Science Concepts in Scratch Author: Armoni and Ben-Ari License: CC 3.0 Book Description: This book will familiarize you with the Scratch visual programming environment. Learning from Scratch can be very helpful because they provide the basic concepts of Computer Science. Scratch users have many different goals: some will build games for entertainment, while others will construct […]

Hadoop with Python

Hadoop With Python PDF Download

Title: Hadoop with Python Author: Donald Miner, Zachary Radka License: Available for free by O’Reilly Why This Book? Hadoop is one of the most popular open-source distributed processing framework that store big data and manage data processing. Hadoop is mostly written in Java but there are scope of other programming languages too, such as Python. […]

Python for Everybody

Python for Everybody PDF

Title: Python for Everybody Author: Charles Saverence License: CC 3.0 Unported Book Description: Python is easy to use and one of the most flexible programming language, available for free for Windows, Macintosh and Linux etc. So, learning python can be of great advantage that also boosts your career growth. The main objective of this book […]

Computer Algorithms by Horowitz, Sahni

Computer Algorithms by Horowitz Sahni

Title: Fundamentals of Computer Algorithms Author: Ellis Horowitz, Sartaj Sahni, S Rajasekaran Book Description: When we count contribution of computer science to the world,  we can not miss the concept of algorithm. It has given computer science a right direction to grow and follow, today almost in every field, from minor to major, algorithms is […]

Learn C++ Programming Language

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Title: Learn C++ Programming Language Author: TutorialsPoint Book Description: C++ is one of the most popular and advanced programming languages sever created. Today, almost every big and small computer technology firms are using C++ as a primary language to develop customized software application. Some Other books of C++ . C++ in Action: Industrial Strength Programming […]

Let’s Build a Compiler

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Title: Let’s Build A Compiler Author: Jack Crenshaw Book Description: If you are an experienced programmer or just starting out BUT always had a dream of developing your own language compiler, this book is here for you. This book teaches you how to construct compilers from scratch, it covers all aspects of compiler construction in […]

Principles of Programming Languages

Principal of Programming Languages PDF

Title: Principles of Programming Languages Author: Mike Grant License: CC 3.0 Book Description: If you are keen to learn about programming languages, this book is for you. This book is a collection of lectures taught to undergraduate and graduate students of John Hopkins University. This book discusses all major modern programming languages such as their […]

Basics of Compiler Design

basics of compiler design pdf

Title: Basic of Compiler Design Author: Torben Ægidius Mogensen License: The author wrote:Permission to copy and print for personal use is granted. If you, as a lecturer, want to print the book and sell it to your students, you can do so if you only charge the printing cost. If you want to print the book and […]