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Don’t blame others. Take responsibility for your own actions


Hard times can inspire a person to do better or on the other hand it can break someone to the core. The main difference is of perspective. Your future does not depends on what happened with you. But rather it depends on how you handle the tough time. By blaming others, you are only escaping […]

Everything You Need is Already Inside You


You have every right to dream, seek and desire. But wait…. what if I tell, whatever you desire you can achieve. This is true because everything you seek is inside you, all you need to do is to: – Search within yourself – Force yourself to find until you get it You can have whatever […]

Everything has beauty, not everyone can…


Quote: Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it. There are many positive things we can extract from this life quote. Some of them are: – Everything is beautiful in itself because God has created everything with beauty on its own way. – Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, it totally depends on you […]

Fall in Love with the Process of Becoming the Very Best Version of Yourself


The Quote is ” Fall in Love with the Process of Becoming the Very Best Version  of Yourself “.  The above line teaches us: – to love ourselves as much as we can. – to keep moving forward with high spirit. – to love the process of what we are doing. – to love what we […]