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Mechanics of Materials By R C Hibbeler

mechanics of materials by r c hibbeler pdf

Title: Mechanics of Materials Author: R C Hibbeler Publisher: Pearson Why This Book? With updated content, more photos, more diagrams, R C Hibbeler Mechanics of Material remains one of the most read book on mechanics of materials. This book covers all fundamentals concepts, conceptual problems and also new problem are added to keep it up […]

Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics Moran And Shapiro

Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics Moran Shapiro PDF

Title: Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics Authors: Michael J Moran, Howard N. Shapiro Why This Book? Fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics is written, keeping undergraduate engineering students in mind, it is one of the best books on thermodynamics, popular across the world. The two authors presented the book nicely and engaging to study even for the absolute beginners. […]

CAD/CAM/CIM By P.RadhaKrishnan, S.Subramanyan, V.Raju

cad cam cim radhakrishnan subramanyan raju pdf

Title: CAD/CAM/CIM Authors: P. Radhakrishnan, S.Subramanyan, V.Raju About The Book: This book is intended to the undergraduate students of mechanical and production engineering. The book discusses all aspects of computer integrated manufacturing, such as: planning, computer aided drawing, production planning and control, planning of resources, material handling, inspection etc. CAD/CAM/CIM P. Radhakrishnan, S.Subramanyan, V.Raju teaches […]

Automotive Transmissions: Fundamentals, Selections, Design and Applications

automotive transmissions pdf

Title: Automotive Transmissions: Fundamentals, Selections, Design and Applications Authors: Harald Naunheimer, Bernd Bertsche, Joachim  Book Description: This book covers almost everything about automotive transmissions, a beginner or intermediate level students of automotive engineering needs. Some of the topics it covers are: automotive transmissions fundamentals, automotive transmissions design, design elements, basic principles, selection of ratio, gear transmission system […]

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration by Rex Miller, Mark Miller

air conditioning and refrigeration rex miller mark miller

Title: Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Authors: Rex Miller, Mark Miller Book Description: Air conditioning and refrigeration engineers design, install and maintain the HVAC system. This field has many great career opportunities and once you know the things, you can expect a handsome job in this field. Air conditioning and refrigeration has very much to explore, […]

Handbook of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration by Shan K. Wang

air conditioning book shan k wang pdf

Title: Handbook Of Air Conditioning And Refri geration Author: Shan K Wang Why This Book? Second edition of the book “Handbook of air conditioning and refrigeration by Shan K Wang” is updated and many new topics have been added which you’ll observe while going through the book. The updated version is now more systematic and more […]

AutoCAD: Secrets Every User Should Know by Dan Abbott

AutoCAD Secrets Every User Should Know PDF

Title: AutoCAD Secrets Every User Should Know Author: Dan Abbott File Type: PDF Why This Book? Autocad, one of the oldest computer aided designing applications is also the most popular CAD software in the world. With maximum market share, it indicates that it is used by most of the industries today. Demand AutoCAD design engineers […]

Schaum’s Outline Of Thermodynamics For Engineers By Merle C. Potter

Schaum S Outline of Thermodynamics for Engineers Eduinformer PDF Download

Title: Schaum’s outline of thermodynamics for engineers Author: Merle C. Potter Why this book? Schaum’s outline of thermodynamics for engineers is intended for the first course in thermodynamics by the engineering undergraduates. It is one of the most popular books due to its teaching style, the way things have been explained by the author, from […]