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9 Free Online Courses from Stanford: For Computer Science in 2020

9 Free Online Courses for Computer Science by Stanford min

Stanford University is one of the best universities in the world. Students from all over the world are desperate to study at this university. Though very few are lucky enough to get this opportunity but here is another way for learners to become a part of this university through MOOC platforms.  MOOC platforms such as […]

Free Computer Science Online Courses – Learn from Harvard, Stanford, and other Renowned Universities

9 Best Free Computer Science Online Courses

If you want to add an additional certificate in your CV from world best universities without even paying a penny then here is your chance. The famous MOOC platforms such as Coursera, EdX, Udacity, etc. are providing Free Computer Science Online Courses for you from the best universities in the world so that education can […]

19 Best NPTEL Courses For Mechanical Engineering

Best NPTEL Courses For Mechanical Engineering

NPTEL, The National Program On Technology Enhances Learning, was established in 2003. NPTEL was initiated by the top seven Indian institutes of technology including the institute of science, Bangalore. In the NPTEL phase one, around 235 courses were added. Additionally, in phase two, 600 courses are built for all major engineering branches including mechanical engineering. […]

5 Advantages of Plagiarism Checker for Students

Plagiarism Checker for Students

Why and How a Plagiarism checker for students is important? Many students hesitate to use plagiarism checker tools mostly because they believe their research is 100% genuine, and they have nothing to prove. We are all human and likely to making occasionally dumb errors at the end of the day so using a plagiarism checker […]

How to Learn Computer Science by Myself Online in 2020

How to Learn Computer Science by Myself

In order to make a good computer science project students have to go through various resources to make their project a good inclusive whole. There are numerous resources available online for computer science students through which they acquired basics, polish them, and apply them in their works. Not only websites but many apps and other […]

How to Manage Peer Pressure in School? 5 Actionable Tips


Making good friends in school is important, but at times, trying to fit in with a group might turn sour. Sometimes, students are pressurized by their friends to do something that they wouldn’t normally and that can leave them feeling embarrassed, ashamed or even frightened. Peer pressure is a nuisance. Almost everyone faces this in […]

How To Write About Yourself In Scholarship Essay – 8 Tips

How to write about yourself in scholarship essay

Writing about a friend on his birthday is easier when it comes to writing about oneself. We can write a book on our friends, but when it comes to our benefit, we are all blank. Well, do not worry. Here’s how to write about yourself in scholarship essay.  But before that, I want to aware […]

Learn How To Fund Your Education Abroad in 2020 – Complete Guide

How To Fund Your Education Abroad

Who doesn’t dream of studying abroad?  We all do. And we do it with passion, dedication and devotion, yet we fail. But why do we fail? Its simple – the financial aids that we lack. And drop off the thoughts of going out, becoming something and contributing to the development of our nation.  However, new […]