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Career As A Physical Therapist Is A 2020 Highest Paid Career


Career as a Physical therapist contributes toward the development of the nation, of the world. It includes health related process to encourage better lifestyle of people and bring momentum in their lives. Physical therapists help in the treatment process and prevention of patients with several physical illnesses. Physical therapists are not focused to any age […]

Project Management Career Guide For 2020


A picnic can never be successful without having a plan about the same. You cannot either top in your examinations without studying your subjects. Every goal is achieved with a planned schedule, decision-making and documentations. A project means any goal that you are asked or desire to achieve in its prescribed time. And the work, […]

Career as a Ruby on Rails Developer: In High Demand


Ruby is the language which programmers love and it is the focus of back-end efforts. Unlike HTML and CSS, which simply dictate how web pages are rendered by the browser, Ruby is a scripting language, which means that it can actually tell a system what to do. Ruby is often used to build web applications, […]

Big Data Architect: Career, Job Profile, Salary & How to get Started


We all know what data is. Those computer classes you attended at school must have made it more than clear. But the new buzzword is “BIG Data”. This name is a bit misleading. What is Big Data Architecture? Big data is of gigantic, unimaginable proportions. And it is constantly evolving on a real-time basis. It […]

Career as a Java Developer: Scope, Salary and How to Get Started


It has been more than two decades that Java has been a programming language and remains unavoidable for mission-critical programming tasks as well as the everyday programming needs. To stay around for so long and to involve millions of developers around the world has proven its status as one of the most mature programming languages. […]

Web Developer: Career, Job Profile, Salary and Online Courses

Web-Developer-Career-Job-Profile-Salary-and-Online Courses

What is Web Development? Unless you live in a cave, you must have heard about web development countless times. This is one of the pioneering professions which were created in the age of personal computers and the internet. So what does web development mean? It involves creating a functioning website for hosting on the internet […]

Python Developer: Career, Job Profile, Skills, Salary and Learning Resources


Unless you have been living under a rock, you might have heard of Python. In the tech world, learning Python can be compared to learning your ABCs in kindergarten. Python is one of the ways to create computer programs. In simple terms, it is a programming language, used to write instructions for software. Python has […]

Computer Programmer: Career, Job Profile, Eligibility, Salary & Resources


A Brief Introduction to Computer Programming In today’s digitized world, programming, computer programmers, algorithm, back end, syntax, and terminal are some words which have entered mainstream language. But how many of us actually understand what they are all about? These are all terms related to programming. And what does programming mean? In simple language, programming […]

Foreign Language: Career Scope, Eligibility, Job Prospects & How to Learn


We live in a hyper connected world, where interaction with citizens of other countries is fast becoming the norm. With the prospect of important information becoming lost in translation, there is an ever expanding demand for employees with at least a bilingual proficiency. So, it is never too late to start learning a new language […]