12 Best Career Podcasts for Your Dream Career in 2023

Best CAREER podcasts

The popularity of listening to Podcasts has been increasing these days. Because In the fast pace of life, people find it convenient to listen to podcasts as it does not demand much effort just subscribe to it and go for it. Nowadays podcasts are also proven as a guide for a career, so here is a list of career podcasts that will help you in building a successful career.

These days podcasts touch almost all aspects of life. A variety of topics are being covered by podcasts like Healthcare, Sports, Education, Comedy, Business, Career, Hobbies, and so on. Even a podcast is categorized or named on the basis of the area it covers.

12 Best Career Podcasts in Detail

Choosing the right career is always the most difficult task to do, at times people face failure or disappointment because of insufficient guidance related to the area they have chosen. But now podcasts have become a major source of providing up-to-date information and professional guidance for all kinds of jobs and businesses to navigate your career in the right direction.

The best thing about the podcast is that it is a convenient way of acquiring information related to personal and professional domains. There is no need to devote any particular time to it, you can listen to it while driving, doing household chores, or doing other activities.

Simply right career podcast gives you answers to your all questions without even asking.

1. The School Of Greatness

Career Podcast - The School Of Greatness

Hosted by Lewis Howes, a professional football player who after having an injury becomes a New York best-selling author and a lifestyle entrepreneur. This one is an inspirational podcast, where Lewis invites the world’s famous Business Entrepreneurs, Influential personalities, and sports celebrities to share their inspirational stories and their lifestyles.

These stories motivate listeners to do something big in their life despite all odds. These personalities also share their daily life routine, hobbies, and many personal or professional tips.

  • Place: New York City
  • Podcast: Motivational
  • Host: Lewis Howes
  • Episode: Daily
  • Available on: iTunes

2. Pivot

Pivot Podcast

One of the best professional podcasts to give a new direction to your career path. Hosted by Jenny Blake, is the author of the pivot as well as a Business strategist. This podcast tells how to embrace imperfections, fears, and insecurities by converting them into strength.

In the Pivot podcast, Jenny extracts creative career options along with practical tools and tips while indulging in in-depth conversations with authors and friends.

  • Place: New York City
  • Podcast: Career Oriented and Inspirational
  • Host: Jenny Blake
  • Episode: Daily
  • Available on: iTunes

3. The Accidental Creative

Career Podcast - The Accidental Creative

From the name of the podcast, you can easily get that it is for people who have a creative blend of minds. Tedd Henry the host of the podcast directly addresses listeners by bringing out a vast variety of topics and asking questions through which we relate and share his experience related to the topics as well.

It acts as a consultancy where creative professionals propose productive ideas, and also provide relevant skills or tricks to give your career a healthy start.

  • Place: Cincinnati, OH
  • Podcast: Creative Career
  • Host: Tedd Henry
  • Episode: once a week
  • Available on: iTunes

4. Being Boss

Career Podcast  -  Being Boss

For a change, this podcast inspires you to be your own boss. It also Motivates you to Blend your passion with exotic ideas to establish your own creative business. Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon are the hosts of the show, who provide insight into the organization and management of a creative business and interview business experts to gather more business-related advice from the listeners who are standing on the verge of starting their ideal entrepreneurship.

This podcast acts as a guiding source and provides business advice along with inspiring lessons.

  • Podcast: entrepreneurship guidance
  • Host: Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon
  • Episode: once a week
  • Available on: iTunes

5. Graduate Job Podcast

Graduate Job Podcast

If you are with your done graduation but still confused about making any decision related to your job and career. Then this podcast is here To unveil more and more career options for graduates. This podcast covers almost all aspects of jobs.

Here the host talks about all aspects of getting a graduate job, from internships and placements to online applications, CV interviews, and much more information by interviewing authors, entrepreneurs of different fields, coaches, and recruiters for expert knowledge and advice.

  • Place: London, UK
  • Podcast: Career Podcast
  • Host: James Curran
  • Episode: Once a week
  • Available on: iTunes

6. Second-Act Stories

Career Podcast -  Second Act Stories

This podcast focuses on life and career changes and entails the Journey of how people transform their failures into success by utilizing a second chance.

In each episode, Andy Levine the host brings the stories of an individual courageously taking life-changing decisions and as a result living a more successful life in a second act.

Guests share their own stories and also tell the role family and friends play to find them the right path. This career change podcast brings living examples of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ phases of careers and how they act rightly on the second chance that life has given to them.

  • Place: New York City
  • Podcast: Career-changing and Motivational
  • Host: Andy Levine
  • Episode: 2 episodes in a month
  • Available on: iTunes

7. 7-Minute Job Interview Podcast

Career Podcast -  7 Minute Job Interview Podcast

A short, crisp, and informative podcast that prepares listeners for job interviews is hosted by Dayvon Goddard.

In this 7 minutes podcast, the host provides relevant information such as how to make your resume or CV more attractive, how to act more presentable in the job interview, how to hold a better conversation in interviews, and various job-related advice to give you a better hold on your career.

  • Podcast: job preparational and informative
  • Host: Dayvon Goddard
  • Episode: once a week
  • Available on: iTunes

8. Lead to Win

Lead to Win Podcast

If you are a boss or have leadership qualities in you then this podcast directs you to success.

This 30-minute podcast is hosted by New York Times bestselling author Michael Hyatt. Being a former CEO of a $250 million corporation, he has great knowledge and experience in running a successful business, leading teams and bringing out the best results.

In this show, he provides actionable insight for achieving success at work as well as in life. His advice acts as beneficial guidelines for personality development and brings confidence to face tough situations with more conviction.

  • Place: New York City
  • Podcast: Career and Personality development
  • Host: Michael Hyatt
  • Episode: Once a week
  • Available on: iTunes

9. The James Altucher Show

Career Podcast -  The James Altucher Show

Altucher is a former hedge fund manager as well as a bestselling author of The Power of No. As he thinks differently that’s why he makes this podcast different from the rest.

He interviewed Business thought leaders of all types to extract useful information related to business for listeners by maintaining originality as his interviews are honest and refreshing but quite blunt. He asked tricky questions to challenge their conversational business wisdom. As a whole, this podcast is inspiring, insightful and funny and these qualities make it one of the most popular podcasts

  • New York City
  • Podcast: Insightful and Informative
  • Host: James Altucher
  • Episode: Daily
  • Available on: iTunes

10. CareerCloud

CareerCloud Podcast

A popular career navigating podcast that gives practical career advice to listeners. On this podcast, a whole range of experts is invited to impart practical knowledge about resume writing, good career coaching, modern recruitment patterns, and so on.

They also provide tips about how to make your interviews more impactful, and useful job sources, tell the positive role of social media in your job hunt and many more career-related topics. This is one of the best podcasts for millennials which has information to offer to every listener, whether he/she is an employee or an entrepreneur.

  • Podcast: Career Oriented and Informative
  • Host: Justin Dux
  • Episode: Daily
  • Available on: iTunes

11. Side Hustle School

Career Podcast -  Side Hustle School

Chris Guillebeau, New York Times best-selling author hosted this show. This podcast interests more to those who have a regular job on the one hand and want to start an income-earning project on the other.

In every new episode, Chris interviews a new entrepreneur who shares the story of their struggle for the establishment of their career and suggests innovative ideas. To motivate listeners he asks for tips for establishing a successful career.

  • Podcast: Career Oriented
  • Host: Chris Guillebeau
  • Episode: Daily
  • Available on: iTunes

12. Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson

Career Podcast - Your career podcast with Jane Jackson

This podcast helps you to find out how to find your dream job and gives inspiration and innovative ideas to establish the career of your own choice. In the daily episode, Jane Jackson gives career guidance: ideas for suitable jobs, tactics for business start-ups, building up a conference to take the risk, enhancing interview skills, and how to write a presentable resume and LinkedIn profile.

This basic podcast helps you to groom your personality and imbibe qualities that are needed for a successful career.

  • Podcast: Career grooming Jane Jackson
  • Host: Jane Jackson
  • Episode: Daily
  • Available on: iTunes

Career podcasts help you to groom your personality according to the career line you want to choose. These podcasts provide very basic information like how to write a good resume to complex business strategies.

Good guidance and some useful tactics navigate you to the path of achieving your goal. So do give a try to the above-enlisted career podcasts. They will supplement you with career guidance and definitely groom your professional personality either consciously or subconsciously.

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