Career As A Physical Therapist Is A 2020 Highest Paid Career

physical therapist career

Career as a Physical therapist contributes toward the development of the nation, of the world. It includes health related process to encourage better lifestyle of people and bring momentum in their lives.

Physical therapists help in the treatment process and prevention of patients with several physical illnesses.

Physical therapists are not focused to any age group. They treat people of all ages. Their work areas usually include:

– Sprain

– Neck pain

– Neurological disorders

– Injuries

– Sport injuries

– Fractures

– Arthritis

– Other physical conditions.

They are not medicines centered. These people use different methodology to treat their patients. Each type of illness is being treated with certain methods.

These methods may include exercises, and training in functional movements. These methods again are used with certain techniques. For e.g. exercising through movements, walk, instruments etc. People are advised for walkers, wheelchairs to help themselves regain their physicality effectively.

Every patient’s treatment differs from the other. As in the type of treatment require for the type of injury is different for all. Physical therapists are not always all-rounder. In other words, they are not trained in all types of treatment. They are generally trained in one.


The main focus of therapists is to help people in mobility. They create health programs for patients to recover easily. This in return gives them healthier life style.

They are generally the part of the health care team. They work in collaboration with physicians, surgeons and physical therapist assistance.

There’s no age barrier in such case. From a new born to a very old aged person who required physical treatment are treated by therapists. Their mobility, injuries are been healed. Through the techniques they use, people are encouraged to live a healthier life style and move towards fitness and wellness in life.

They study the case of individuals. Then create a plan accordingly. Their plans include routine exercises, follow-ups and appointments. Each patient is recommended different type of therapy studying the details of their requirements. In simple words, after studying their case they provide them with a suitable plan to recover as soon as possible.

Physical therapy is theoretical and scientific study. It is called as a dynamic profession.

In case you didn’t know, the terms ‘Physical therapy’ and ‘Physiotherapy’ and the term ‘physical therapist’ and ‘physiotherapist’ are synonyms.

They play leading roles in the rehabilitation, maintenance, and in promotion of health care system. They promote through fitness and wellness programs that encourage healthy lifestyle of people.

Physical therapy cannot be provided by anyone. It requires a trained person. It can be done either by the therapist or the physical therapy assistance in supervision with the physiotherapist.

Career as a Physical Therapist Includes Certain Types:Types-of-Physical-Therapist

  1. Orthopedic: Orthopedic therapy includes therapy for ligaments, joints and bones. These therapies are generally for sport injuries. The treatment includes stretching, exercises, hot-cold packs and ultra sound and joint mobilization.
  1. Geriatric: These therapies are meant for adults who are diagnosed with cancer, Alzheimer, joint replacement and balance disorders. They focus on recovering physical fitness and mobility.
  1. Neurological: Neurological therapy is focused on Alzheimer’s disease, brain injury, spinal cord and stroke. They treat patients in getting habitat to muscle loss impairments, mobility and balance to live a good life style.
  1. Cardiopulmonary: Treats people who suffer from heart attacks, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pulmonary fibrosis.
  1. Pediatric: Pediatric therapy focuses on the requirements of toddlers, infants, children and adolescents. This therapy is for children suffering from injuries. They use therapeutic exercises to help patients regain strength and reduce pain.

Responsibilities and duties included in Career As A Physical Therapist:

  • Case Study: Physical therapists study the condition of patients before making a suitable plan.
  • Makes a treatment plan, follow-ups, routine, and therapy.
  • Trains patients regarding their exercises to help them regain effectively.
  • Gives them massage on professional level.
  • Heals their pain, improve mobility, strengths.
  • Assists people on using instruments like wheelchair and walkers.
  • Tracks their progress, takes follow-ups on regular basis.
  • Suggests about health programs, wellness
  • Advises on home treatment process.

Skills required for a Physical therapist:

– Listening skill: A therapist must be active listener. They need to listen to the injury and requirements of people. It is necessary to have this skill for the better treatment process and evaluation.

– Communication: A therapist should be aware about all the injuries, time requirements and other things in the process. They should make patients understand about the same straight and clearly. There should be no false hope given. And should be able to convince.

– Instructor: Therapists are the instructors. They promote health and wellness. Their skill help people get encouraged about life style and fitness.

– Able to treat wide variety of physical problems: Physical therapists are made for treating physical issues and they should be able to know about all of the problems related to physical health.

– Coordination: They need to coordinate with the health care team. Should be able to guide assistance properly. Need to have coordination with patients too.

– Technology skills: certain technical skills are required to create plans, programs, techniques and methodology.

How to become a physical therapist?

  • Requires bachelor’s degree at the most.
  • Can go for health care program course.
  • Must hold a doctor’s degree in physical therapy in order to practice as a therapist.
  • Must have atleast seven to eight months experience in clinic and health programs includes examination of patient, methods and techniques used.
  • The American Board of Physical Therapy offers certification in therapy areas.
  • Requires licence to practice therapy in the country they reside.
  • Requires a lot of education in the areas – kinesiology, anatomy, biology, and physical fitness.
  • After holding doctors degree in physical therapy you need to apply for clinical residency program for training.
  • You can also go for board certification which is optional.

Where do physical therapists stand?

According to recent research there has to be 36% growth of Physical therapists. About 209,000 physical therapists hold a therapists job in US today. They are definitely in demand and are increasing every day.

They are practicing therapy to help people heal and regain and restore health. Why would not they be in demand?

Career as a physical therapist can make you a good amount of salary since an average salary of a Physical Therapist is $73,148 (Glassdoor) which is higher than average income of Americans. They are earning $7,210 monthly, $1,633 weekly and $41.59 hourly.

However, the salary is not high in every country. Depending on the year of experience, education they are being rewarded.