How Much Does Career As A Nutritionist Pay? A Small Guide

Career as a nutritionist

Are you obsessed with your health and others health? Does it make you irritated if somebody is not taking care of what they eat, what they apply, or their unhealthy life style?

I am sure you would want to help them know the importance of health, fitness and a healthy diet. That’s what exactly career as a nutritionist teaches.

Well, before you choose to become one, are you aware of their exact duties? Don’t worry. We have got you covered.

Who are Nutritionists?

A nutritionist is a person who helps us maintain right health. They are the adviser in regard to food, nutrition and how it is going to make an impact on our health.

If a person is a certified dietitian or hold a degree can claim to be a Nutritionist without having to be trained in the same – but doesn’t apply to all countries.

Not all Nutritionists are trained. The number goes from trained to untrained who may or may not hold a certification or education in Nutrition. A lot of them are PhD holders and a lot of them as unqualified. 

Every country put forth the eligibility to be a Nutritionist. For example: In Brazil, to hold a Nutritionist tile one must have four years university degree and an experience in Nutrition Program (internship), whereas in Morocco to hold a Nutritionist Title one must have done PhD in the field of Nutrition Science. 

During 2011, around 150,000 jobs were held by Nutritionist and Dietitians in India. Most of them worked in nursing homes, hospitals, offices and clinics.

They are the experts in the field of Nutrition who help us lead a healthy lifestyle through the process and food they advise.

Nutritionists can come from different backgrounds. Some call themselves a Nutritionist without being trained, some are specialists, some have master’s degree and some are registered nutritionists.

In US almost anyone can consider themselves as Nutritionist as it doesn’t require much of education as dietitian do. Though some of them are specialist and get registered in the field of Nutrition, there’s no difference between an educated and non-educated nutritionist. They are the adviser. They help you gain and lose weight, have healthy eating habits and good diet.

Nutritionists are generally trained in certain subjects mentioned below.

  • Functional medicine
  • Nutrients dense diet
  • Vegetarian or vegan diet
  • Dietary theories, Paleo diet
  • Managing diabetes
  • Preventing heart disease
  • Managing stress – includes meditation, good sleep
  • Food politics, marketing and advertising
  • Medicinal practices. Traditional diets – includes Ayurveda, Chinese medicinal practices.
  • Massage, homeopathy

Nutritionists work at different ventures for different purposes.


  1. Public health nutritionists: Public health nutritionists are the one who work for the public and are not focused on one to one individual. They create programs for institutes and other organization to meet their needs. They plan meals as per the requirement, budget and people.
  1. Pediatric Nutritionists: Pediatric nutritionists are concerned with children of all ages. They make them meals as per the nutritional menu.
  1. Geriatric nutritionist: Geriatric nutritionists are concerned with old age group people. It decreases the effects of aging. Back then 65 above was considered old age group which has now turned as young old. 65 above no more look old because of the nutritional components they are adding in their food intake.
  1. Sports nutritionists: Such nutritionists work for schools, colleges, institutions and sport academies. They plan routine of athletes, their meal and intake of food. They plan schedule as per their body types and needs.
  1. Clinical Nutritionists: They are concerned with overall health of the patient. They educate on what to eat and what not to and how food has an impact on one’s body. They are generally based in clinics and hospitals advising patients.
  1. Maternal and family health services are concerned with infant, kids and pregnant women. They are given nutritional support. Their health, diets are being maintained by Maternal Nutritionists.

How to become registered Nutritionist?

  • UK’s universities offer nutritional courses, degree courses of about 3 years.
  • Holding a master’s degree in nutritional science can lead you to a certified nutritionist.
  • Once you complete associated nutritional courses, you automatically get an entry to registered nutritionist course.
  • However, skills and experience in nutritional science put more impact on your personality and your career path.
  • You need to have an experience along 3 years nutritional course to become a skilled nutritionist.

There’s a fine difference between Nutritionists and Dietitians. Nutritionists don’t hold specific education as dietitians do. Anyone can hold a title of Nutritionist as they are mostly self-taught. People often take both the professions as same, but they are way too different in their work, routine and day to day life and services.

Moreover, their qualification and experiences are totally different from each other.

What are the duties performed by Nutritionists?


  • Provides nutritional counselling. Studies thoroughly the body type, and components of patients.
  • Provides advices as per their requirements and needs. Make them plans commercial based and suggestions additionally.
  • Provides nutritional clinical plan.
  • Consults experts in case of some patients for their health care.
  • Provides appropriate medications and diets.
  • Gain trust of their patient so as to provide better services.

What are the skills required to be a nutritionist?

1. Communication: A nutritionist should know how to explain any health matter to a patient intelligently. A patient shouldn’t feel fear of side effects, health issues due to the plans given by them.

2. Business skills: Should have marketing and digital marketing skills. Should be able to attract customers. Should have keen knowledge of advertising and freelancing work.

3. Nutritional interest: One should be interested in nutritional science. Wrong medications and plans may lower the trust among people.

4. Motivator: A nutritionist must motivate patients to keep healthy environment around them and must have healthy diet. They should be able to convince them on acquiring right food habits.

What is the scope of career as a nutritionist?

Well, due to increasing demand of health, fitness and nutrition dietitians and nutritionists are well considered.

All around the world people recommend or are being recommended to consult a nutritionist for their better health.

Old age groups are going from wrinkles faces to young faces. Young ones are shocked with the process of nutritional science. Everybody wants to look young and not go through aging effects.

Nutritionists hold a great impact on the society with their nutritional practices. Nutritionists hold 70,000 plus jobs in US. An average salary of a nutritionist is $59,660 per year.

According to 2011 reports nutritionists earn $26.66 per hour. However, salary range if seen the lowest can be $36,000 per year and highest $76,400 per year.

Nutritionists are given utmost importance for the nutritional knowledge they have and the services they offer.

Millions of people have been helped by nutritionists and dietitians. Hope you also look forward to helping many more.

Must watch this video by Kristen Mee, where she explained becoming a Registered Nutritionist.

Have a fit future ahead.