Why Career As A Nurse Is The Best Job Opportunity In 2020?

Career As Nurse

Are you also looking forward to being a registered nurse? But are you familiar with the concept that who actually nurses are?

A lot of us have been confused about nurses and their work. We think that career as a nurse is not as much valuable as career as a doctor do. We hardly give them any importance but ever thought about why are nurses are in so much number? Going and coming? And not even contracting.

Nurses are more than just a nurse doing her job. They are the health care experts who practiced independently or trained by doctors- physicians, dentists and so on.

They maintain health professionally. Nurses are well skilled in providing the best healthcare and promoting it as well. Numbers of Nurses are becoming registered Nurses to provide better health care.

Moreover, it is also been seen that there are more Nurses in maintaining health than in any other profession. They are twice many in realities.

In other words, Nursing is the process of providing health care services 24 hours to a patient, tirelessly, devotedly and wholeheartedly. There’s no ‘NO’ to it.

And there’s no laziness to it. People who choose to be a registered Nurse should be called Superheroes for the amazing work they are doing to heal us, physically and mentally both.

It is usually described as an art and science that means Nurses being emotional and having critical thinking at the same time. They create a super natural relationship with their attendees. And all of them differ in their skills, strengths and their experiences.

They let patient heal and maintain their own health. Moreover, they promote so much happiness through their work, actions and way of communicating with the patient.

There’s no specific answer to what exactly Nurses do. They all differ from their skills and experiences. A Nurse journey goes from providing helpful services in school to providing services in huge critical situations.

Career as a nurse doesn’t just include a single career, but a career path.

In other words, there are also different types of Nurse in this career as mentioned below.


  1. Registered Nurses:

Registered Nurses are the one who provide health care anytime it is required. The public is being served whenever they are in need. Nurses are professionally skilled or supervised by other doctors. They hold a provision in United States

What do Registered Nurses do?

  • Before taking any decision, they go for a test.
  • Promote health and education.
  • Counsel their patient thoroughly and study their needs.
  • Provide medications, assistance.
  • Collaborate with other professionals.
  1. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses:

Advanced practitioners are the ones who gain master’s degree along with nursing education and other requirements. They need to be mastered to be an advanced practitioner. Their area of study goes beyond from what they actually know. In addition to the license required for all registered nurses.

They keep on studying in order to go with the newest technology and other requirements. They heal illness, critical situations and provide better medications.

  1. APRNs Practice Role Specialist:
  • Nurse Practitioners prescribe medication, diagnose and treat minor illnesses and injuries
  • Certified Nurse-Midwives provide gynecological and low-risk obstetrical care
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists handle a wide range of physical and mental health problems
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists administer more than 65 percent of all anesthetics
  1. Licensed Practical Nurses:

Licensed practitioners provide health care under the supervision of RNs, APRNs, and MD. Their work is to take routine care of the patient throughout their health care journey.

What do they do?

  • Change bandages, dressing etc.
  • Checking whether health is improving or not.
  • Performing basic nursing functions.
  • Checking intake of the patient.
  • Assuring whether they are taking the right medication, hydrated or not.

What are the duties performed by the Nurses?


  1. Educating: Nurses are meant to educate their patients and patient’s family about the health and health care process. They need to know their body, their routine and what suits their health.

Most of us are not aware of what perfect health is or how it should be maintained. And a lot of us are nit knowledgeable about certain things that our body goes through. Nurses perform this duty to let people know things which important to be aware of.

  1. Building trust: Nurses built trust for themselves in their patient’s eye. Without a patient having trust in Nurses, can be healed or maintained. A patient will not be able to put up with the process, will be scared and wouldn’t want to get things done. Nurses have this very important duty that makes them stand out. If they fail to build a trust, their services fail too.
  1. Observing: Nurses notice improvement, non improvement, unusuality which might not be seen by other members or patient itself. They take data, get tests done and notice the change in symptoms of their patient.
  1. Takes care of the family as well: Nurses are not about taking care of the patient. They play an important role in taking care of the other members in their critical time. They build an emotion for their patient and give their all to provide a better health care service. And so the Nurses are called the super-heroes.
  1. Promoting health: Nursing is beyond the duties allotted. It takes care that the health is being maintained in the family, schools, institutes, organizations, hospitals etc. They study their patient thoroughly, physically and mentally. Nurses are of course more than just a Nurse.

How to become a registered nurse?

  • Need a diploma or bachelors degree.
  • An associate degree which takes up to two years for completion.
  • Students holding bachelor’s degree can go for second degree through a school program in Nursing.
  • Bachelor’s degree takes about two years but four years along second degree.
  • Need to pass NCLEX-RN examination which requires 70-75 percentages. One need to wait 45 days to re-take if failed in the examination.
  • Can go for advance practitioner if a registered nurse with to which will require a master’s degree in that matter.

What are the skills required to be a Nurse?

  1. Communication: A nurse should be able to communicate freely about anything, anytime without hesitation and emotional state. Patients expect assurance and a bad communication may distract the process.
  1. Awareness: They need to be aware of the needs of the patient. They must be able to respect their perspective and shouldn’t go beyond their patient’s belief.
  1. Maintaining professionalism: A Nurse need to have professionalism within her. Other than skills, and experiences a nurse should be able to maintain the respect, kindness, and emotions with patient as well as other members.
  1. Critical thinking: There are situations where resources aren’t available, medications are failing, process is not working n case of some of the patients, and Nurses need to be a problem solver. The health depends on the Nurse and they need to have solutions to every problem they face during their journey of nursing.
  1. Management: They are the super-heroes as I mentioned above. They take care of the medications, follow-ups, changing in routine, diet and so much more. They manage everything as per the time.

Where does career as a nurse stand? 

Nurses are always in high demand for the great work they do for the society’s betterment. Nurses come and go in numbers but their demand never decreases.

There are currently 2+ million nurses in the United States. The average salary for the registered nurse is currently $65,870 per annum as per Glassdoor.

However, certified nurses are paid the most.

Nursing career is an important journey to nurses for themselves. They choose to serve for the country and nation. They deserve to be respected wholeheartedly for they take care of your health as much as your family do. Don’t let the personality go away from them.

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