Building Machine Learning Systems with Python

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Title: Building Machine Learning Systems with Python

Author: Luis Pedro Coelho

Willi Richert

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Book Description:

As you might know, Python is one of the most used computer languages to create machine learning systems. This book highlights on the programming and the technology that is needed. It explores the strengths of Python language and describes the design principles which can be implemented in Python.

:Building Machine Learning Systems with Python” discovers the advanced level of Python programming where object-oriented principles, cognitive science, classifiers, entities are explained in detailed. This book works wonders for intermediate programmers in Python. It is capable of teaching them developing the chatbots and cognitive models and how to train their models using supervised, unsupervised and various other models of learning.

It focuses on machine learning concepts like the Decision tree, SVM, Bayesian, Neural network, K-nearest neighbours, Q-learning, Genetic algorithm, Markov decision processes, Convolutional neural networks, Linear regression or logistic regression, Boosting, bagging, ensemble, Random hill climbing or simulated annealing.

If you are thorough with all these concepts you can efficiently develop a machine learning system coded in Python.

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